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Ultimate Fall Fig Crostini

Ultimate Fall Fig Crostini brings together my fall favorites. Toasted bread, creamy ricotta, crisp prosciutto, drizzle of honey. Mmm so good!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Appetizer, dinner, Side Dish
Cuisine Italian
Servings 12 slices


  • 1 Baguette
  • 1 container Ricotta
  • 1 box Fresh Figs
  • 1 pkg Prosciutto
  • 1 jar Honey
  • Optional *** Fresh Herbs


  • Preheat oven on low broil. I choose low because it can quickly burn your toast on high so just to be mindful of the temps I always go with low. Slice the baguette into equal slices, I like to slice at an angle. Place on a baking sheet and spray with avocado oil on both sides and place on the center oven rack. Lightly toast the baguette on both sides and then remove it from the oven. Place the prosciutto on a baking sheet and place in the oven until crispy. I like to make it extra crispy to allow for it to easily crumble and be crispy little pieces. Spoon the ricotta on the crostini and then slice the ripe figs and layer on each slice. Sprinkle the crisp prosciutto over the figs and finish with a good drizzle of honey. You can also sprinkle thyme or oregano over each slice as well to get the earthy herb taste.
    Then enjoy these delicious slices of fall foods. It has become one of our favorites and a weekly rotation on our meal plan. I can't wait for you to give this crostini a try.
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