Looking for the ultimate winter trip to McCall? You came to the right place. We just took a week off work and did a staycation in McCall, and loved every minute of it. I have all the details for places to stay, the best spots to eat, what to do, and where to go! I am so excited to share my personal favorites and hope that they become yours too!

We got married in McCall so it holds a special place in our hearts. It is the cutest town with the most gorgeous Payette lake and mountains to enjoy all year round. We make a handful of trips up to McCall from Boise to enjoy everything McCall has to offer during every season. Keep a watch for more McCall, Idaho blog posts. Trust me, by the end, I will have you covered no matter when you travel to McCall.

What To Do & Where To Go

I am so excited to get to the what to do and where to go part of this ultimate winter trip to McCall guide. I have to admit that I am an outdoors kind of person and I have a lot of things to recommend to you! Getting outside and enjoying the season you are in is the best way to stay healthy and happy all year round. Let me share some of my personal favorite places to visit while in McCall. You can also search Visit McCall, their website is a wealth of information and has a lot of options to book right on their page.

Brundage Ski Resort

This is one of my favorite places to ski. We have a ski pass to this resort each year because we just love the mountain, snow & location so much. On a clear day, the views from the top over Payette Lake and McCall are breathtaking. You have to at least ski one day here to see what I am talking about.

Brundage Resort also offers a lot of other activities in case resort skiing is not your thing. Here are all the options for you to choose from.

Smokey’s Bar & Grill

We love being able to take a break skiing and grab a hot beverage or a cold beer along with some food to help us keep skiing, Smokey’s is always packed with other skiers needing a break and a good place to join friends. Highly recommend sharing a big basket of their nachos. They pack these to the brim with all the ingredients you could ever want.

Tamarack Ski Resort

Tamarack is another ski resort about 30 minutes outside of McCall. It offers another chance for you to hit the slopes and enjoy the Idaho snow.

McCall Winter Carnival

“The McCall Winter Carnival, a celebration of all things winter! The McCall Winter Carnival was inspired by the Payette Lake Winter Games, first held in 1924 when a train from Boise brought 248 visitors to McCall, Idaho. The official McCall Winter Carnival started in the 1960s and over the years, the Carnival has grown into an iconic Idaho event bringing more than 60,000 people to McCall each year.”

I have had the opportunity to attend the McCall Winter Carnival once and it was so much fun! Each year there is a theme for all of the ice sculptures to follow. I am always blown away by their creativity and sheer talent to be able to create the sculptures they do.

McCall can get pretty crowded during this time so we tend to stay up on the mountain and ski most of the time. But you have to experience the carnival at least one time to see what it is all about.

Hot Springs

I LOVE hot springs & I live in a state that has TONS of them! Did you know that Idaho has 130 soakable hot springs? Wild right? There is nothing better than being able to sit and relax in a hot pool of water. Here is a list of 5 that are in and around McCall to soak in.

Best Spots to Eat & Drink

Knowing me you had to know that I would be including food and drinks in this ultimate winter trip to McCall. I honestly think that food and drinks can make or break a trip. That is just me personally. I know there are a lot of people that could care less about food. If that is you, skip over this next section because I have a lot to share! If you are like me and love food and good drinks, this section is for you!

The Sushi Bar

We absolutely love the Sushi Bar. I know that it sounds weird with Idaho being a land-locked state but this places is legit delicious. They have so many options on their menu as well, so anyone can find something to enjoy. They have sushi, pho, salads, bowls & the honey toast is a MUST! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this block of goodness!

Cafe 6 Three 4

This was a new place for me to visit on our last trip. I had passed it a couple of times on our way into McCall. We finally had a day to go check it out and we were so glad we did. It is the cutest little cafe and it served up great food. I highly recommend you pop in for a coffee, breakfast, cocktail, or lunch. No doubt in my mind you will enjoy it.

Shore Lodge Dining

The Shore Lodge has three different offerings when it comes to food and beverages. We personally love popping into the bar after skiing or for a light snack and drink before going out on the town. The Narrows Steakhouse is a fancy, higher-priced dining experience and Cutwater on Payette Lake is a more casual budget-friendly option.

Stacey Cakes

Oh! Where do I even begin with Stacey Cakes? We LOVE everything that Stacey makes. She actually made our wedding cake & all our wedding desserts! This tiny little bakery is busting at the seams every single day with freshly baked items. Some of my favorites are the pecan roll, cinnamon roll, & you HAVE to get the ginger molasses cookies. She also makes savory items that are incredible as well. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order at Stacey Cakes.

Chef Steve Topple Restaurants

Chef Topple has two restaurants in McCall and one right outside in Donnelly, Idaho. I had the pleasure of dining at Ragazza di Bufalo in Donnelly recently and oh my goodness it blew me away. The flavors of every item we ordered were better than I had expected. I am so looking forward to having the opportunity to dine at the other two. Here are all three restaurants for you to check out.

Breweries in McCall

Grabbing a beer post-ski day might be one of my favorite things to do and luckily you have three breweries right in McCall to choose from.

I recently learned that there is a McCall Ale Trail & Visit McCall host a friendly competition. You pick up your Ale Passport and then make your way around to get it stamped. Once your passport is complete you submit your passport & grab your beer koozies and hope to win more prizes.

Here are the breweries you will find in McCall

Places To Stay In McCall

We are lucky and have a couple of friends who have homes in McCall, so we stay with them most of the time. But, on the odd chance we don’t, we have found some great places in and around town to stay. Check them out below.

Shore Lodge :

The Shore Lodge is one of my favorite places to stay for two reasons. They have a gorgeous spot right on Payette Lake and they offer multiple dining and drinking options within the hotel. Second, I live for the Cove Spa that is based inside the Shore Lodge. It is the dreamiest place and should not be missed while visiting McCall. The spa has two heated pools, one inside and one outside. A full menu to order drinks, snacks, or full meals while lounging in their comfy chairs. They also offer a handful of spa treatments to leave you feeling your best after hours of being pampered. The Shore Lodge is definitely more of a luxury place to stay but one that is worth it in my mind.

See the Reel that I created all about the dreamy Cove Spa. Trust me, book your spa reservation NOW!


There are a ton of Airbnb’s in McCall. They range from studio apartments to luxury mountain cabins. There is a place for every person, budget, and trip desire. See all the options HERE.

We recently got to stay at the McCall Hideaway House & WOW! Let me tell you this is the place you want to stay. It is decorated so well and is positioned right in town. We loved staying in this new Airbnb. Highly recommend checking it out and booking your next stay here.

You can also book a Yurt trip if you are feeling adventurous & wanting something out in the wilderness. Here is a couple that I found that looked amazing!

Hotel McCall :

We got to stay at this darling boutique hotel for a weekend getaway in McCall and it had the cutest rooms. The views out of every window are astounding and the overall feel of the place is inviting. They have so many rooms to choose from, see them here. They also offer great packages to stay at their hotel and have some adventures while in town. Check out the packages and adventures

That is it my friends! My Ultimate Winter Trip to McCall Guide! I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and go check out some of my other published posts! Be sure to leave a comment or message me when you do go and enjoy McCall. I love hearing from you and getting feedback on the places I recommend.

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