It’s finally time for food truck season here in Idaho! I have to admit I live for this time of year. There is nothing that I love more than being able to go around town and enjoy fantastic food! I have compiled a list to create the Ultimate Treasure Valley Food Truck Guide. An easy place to come and find exactly what you are looking for. I will try and update this list often to include any that are new in town. Please feel free to comment on any that I might have missed, I am sure there will be more. I also would love to know which ones are your favorites! I love hearing your personal preferences as well as knowing what to order when I go, so please share in the comments below.

When you think of Idaho, you might not think of this state as a foodie spot. For so many, you think that we only grow and eat potatoes here. I probably should keep it a secret, but Idaho has a ton of incredible foodie spots to enjoy! Let’s get to the good stuff, the food trucks, and the delicious food they are serving up!

Where Is the Treasure Valley?

When most people speak of the Treasure Valley, they’re referring to the area that encompasses the cities of Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, Star, Kuna, Caldwell, and Middleton. However, it covered a much larger area – from Boise, Idaho to Vale, Oregon. It was most commonly known as the Lower Snake River Valley, so named because of the five tributaries that emptied into the Snake River. In 1959, the valley’s chamber of commerce president changed the name to “Treasure Valley” to better describe the richness of opportunities available in the area. Currently, roughly 40 percent of Idaho’s population lives in the Treasure Valley.

Hokey Pokey Thai Ice Cream Food Truck, one of the many serving up delicious treats in the Treasure Valley.
Hokey Pokey Thai Ice Cream Rolls

Treasure Valley Food Truck Parks

Here are a couple of fabulous food truck parks that offer you a one-stop spot to enjoy it all. I absolutely love stopping at these food truck parks. It allows me to go to one location yet enjoy a handful of different food and drinks. There is nothing better than spending a warm spring or summer evening enjoying live music, great food, and drinks with friends. Be sure to add these to your Bucket List so you don’t miss out on the fun to be had. I also included the Boise Farmers Market even though it’s not technically a food truck park. Every Saturday during the farmers market there is a handful of rotating food trucks to enjoy while shopping and supporting locals.

Are The Food Truck Parks Dog-Friendly?

One of the things I love about the Treasure Valley and Idaho, in general, is the number of places that are dog-friendly. If you have been following me for a while you know that my Wirehaired pointing griffon, Finley comes everywhere with me. He is my little adventure pal and I am so happy that these food truck parks allow them to join in on the fun too! Being a dog lover I absolutely love seeing and meeting other people’s pups! They are always so happy to see you and so happy to be out and about with their owner. If you have a well-behaved, friendly pup, be sure to bring them with you to the next food truck outing.

Fin, my pup, enjoying the Swithback Boise food truck park. One of the many serving up delicious treats in the Treasure Valley.
Finley enjoying a lovely evening at Switchback Boise.


“Enjoy our special spot tucked away on the Boise Greenbelt with local food, dessert, drinks, and live music. Green Acres is a family-friendly place where you can bring your dog, enjoy yard games and spend time outside right next to the Boise River. We feature 4 permanent businesses plus different local rotating trucks every day. We strive to support our local community and partner with local organizations and businesses to host exciting events. Come groove to a live music show – we host a local musician or band every day!”

Green Acres has an up-to-date calendar to check out what food trucks will be at their location and when. Be sure to check it out so you know when to go.

We absolutely love Green Acres! It has become one of our go-to places to enjoy great food, yard games, and live music, Fin our dog is welcome, and we always run into great friends! This is a place that should not be missed right in downtown Boise. Easy to access from the Boise Greenbelt and offers you a friendly space to sit and watch the day go by!

Green Acres Food Truck Park located right downtown Boise, but the river and easy access from the Greenbelt.
Source: Green Acres

Green Acres offers a full-time Bar and The Fizzy Cow Ice Cream & Soda Shop that are permanently at this location.

The season starts April 21st – Open from 11 am to 8 pm

Green Acres Participating Food Trucks:

Delicious photo of world class wings being served up at Fly, one of the many fabulous food trucks in the Treasure Valley.
Yummy wings at Fly!


“The Switchback is a place for friends to gather, enjoy great food and drink, play games, listen to music, and enjoy the reasons so many chose to call this area home.”

“Boise’s First Food Truck Park.” A fun gathering space for the whole community to enjoy. Families, friends, kids, and four-legged animals all gather and enjoy this fun food truck park. This year they were able to secure a permanent location.

Swithback Boise Food Truck Park being enjoyed by all during a wonderful warm, treasure valley evening.
An incredible evening enjoying Switchback Boise. Fun for everyone!


2936 S Perrault Way

Just behind the fire station in Harris Ranch

Open 6 days a week, closed Monday.

Switchback Boise Participating Food Trucks

Delicious photo of delicious pot stickers being served up at Wok N' Roll, one of the many fabulous food trucks in the Treasure Valley.
Wok n’ Roll amazing pot stickers!


“Boise Farmers Market is a food-centric and agriculturally based market. Within our guidelines, the majority of the members must be agricultural. 95% of the vendors are food and agricultural products with 5% dedicated to non-food items.

Farmer’s markets have a long history of being more than merely a place to exchange goods. The Boise Farmers Market is committed to playing an important role in fostering new ideas in the regional food system. The Farmers Market is a place where the public can learn about the relationship of local food and farms to our health, our economy, and our culture.

The Boise Farmers Market focuses on local food, cultivating new farmers, incubating new food ideas, and creating a community space to learn about food and sustainability.”

Boise Farmers Market Participating Food Trucks

Fully stacked breakfast sandwich being served by Crisp Food Truck. , One of the many serving up delicious treats in the Treasure Valley.
Crisp – Breakfast Sandwich

Southern Idaho Food Truck Association

“Southern Idaho Food Truck Association (SIFTA) is a family of food trucks brought together to provide some of the best food in Southern Idaho! SIFTA members set the standard for food trucks in the communities we serve. We believe in quality food, friendly service, and a great food truck experience for all!”

They have their own Instagram page to find all the food trucks – check it out here –> Southern Idaho Food Trucks

Once a year SIFTA puts on the Southern Idaho Feastival. They have been bringing you some of the best food trucks since 2014.

This year the Feastival is being held on May 13th at the Boise Hawks Stadium.

Southern Idaho Food Truck Feastival Banner.

Southern Idaho Feastival Participating Food Trucks

Atomic Pops, , one of the many food trucks serving up delicious treats in the Treasure Valley.
Boise Atomic Pops
Buenos Aires, , one of the many food trucks serving up delicious treats in the Treasure Valley.

More Fabulous Treasure Valley Food Trucks

That’s a wrap, my friends! Over 100 different food trucks to showcase the incredible food being served around the Treasure Valley! I hope this offers you a one-stop spot to come and find what you are looking for! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are other things you would love for me to feature!

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