Idaho’s Treasure Valley is bustling with hidden gems that you need to know about! I am here to give you all the details to be able to enjoy each epic speakeasy. This incredible guide will show you where to find Treasure Valley’s Best Speakeasies and how to get in. There is no doubt in my mind you are going to love each and every one of them. Each speakeasy offers a unique & memorable experience out on the town. Be sure to save this so you know where to go & how to get into each speakeasy in town!

Not drinking alcohol at this time but wanting to still have a fun night out on the town? Every single speakeasy mentioned in this blog post is offering non-alcoholic cocktails. I’ve had the pleasure of trying their selections and they have some great offerings for you to enjoy. I truly believe that you can still have a social life and epic nights out without alcohol. I personally gave up alcohol in February and have enjoyed my no-alcohol journey. We are spoiled in the Treasure Valley with so many incredible places serving up yummy NA options.

Let’s get to these Speakeasies so you can get them on your schedule ASAP!

Where to find Treasure Valley's Best Speakeasies. The ultimate guide to a memorable night out on the town.
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“The Treasure Valley is a valley in the western United States, primarily in southwestern Idaho, where the Payette, Boise, Weiser, Malheur, Owyhee, and Burnt rivers drain into the Snake River. It includes all the lowland areas from Vale in rural eastern Oregon to Boise and is the most populated area in Idaho.

Historically, the valley had been known as the Lower Snake River Valley or the Boise River Valley. Pete Olesen, president of the valley’s association of local Chambers of Commerce, coined the name “Treasure Valley” in 1959 to reflect the treasure chest of resources and opportunities that the region offered.”

  • Boise
  • Caldwell
  • Eagle
  • Emmett
  • Garden City
  • Kuna
  • Meridian
  • Middleton
  • Nampa


A hidden cocktail bar in downtown Boise. Thick As Thieves door is tucked back on the side of a building and has thieving birds posted to know where to go. Enter the side door and make your way up the stairs to an old-school rotary phone hanging on the wall. You’ll need to dial 102 to get connected to the hostesses hiding behind the mirror wall. Once you speak to them, the hidden wall opens & it’s finally your time to enjoy what lies on the other side. Thick As Thieves is stylish, candlelit, and has a sexy atmosphere like nothing else in town. They offer intimate booths for a date night out or sit at the bar and watch the bartenders work their magic. An incredible place to stop after work for happy hour or sneak in the last call for an unforgettable nightcap.

Thick As Thieves not only craft up some flavorful and unique cocktails and NA options but delicious charcuterie plates and donut holes. The donut holes are like nothing you have ever tasted before and are a collaboration with Guru Donuts. It might seem weird to order donut holes while sipping a cocktail but trust me, you need to experience these delicious bites!

Thick As Thieves is a popular place in town so I would recommend a reservation, but they aren’t required. They don’t have a specific dress code but it is an intimate atmosphere & most people are dressed nicely for a night out.

Thick As Thieves – 620 W Idaho Street, Suite 200 Boise, Idaho.


When you think of speakeasies you might think of underground or tucked back in a dark alley or corner. This speakeasy is up high in the sky! Touted as one of the highest bars in Idaho, Ampersand is a speakeasy like no other. Located on the 14th floor, Ampersand offers epic views of downtown Boise and the surrounding foothills.

Now comes the part where I tell you how to get into this sky-high bar. Ampersand is owned by the same owners of KIN and Arthaus Bar. Arthaus Bar is a casual bar that offers great drinks, food, and a fun atmosphere, definitely a great place to start the night. When you are ready to head up to the speakeasy, you must ask your waiter for an “elevated cocktail.” This simple line is the way to get your name on the list and snag a spot in the intimate space offered by Ampersand.

One thing I absolutely love about Ampersand is they don’t have a menu for this speakeasy. The bartender of the night will ask for your personal drink preferences, alcohol, tasting notes, sweetness, etc. They then have the creativity to create something just for you. I have gone many times & never once have I been disappointed with the drink made for me. I actually think it’s a great way to be able to try new cocktails and find some new favorites! Give it a try, live a little!

There are so many great ways to enjoy Ampersand. Start your night off by watching the sunset, pop in for an after-dinner drink, or have it be your nightcap before heading home. No reservations, you must be in person to request an “elevated cocktail”, and no dress code, come as you are.

Ampersand – 999 W Main St Ste P101 Boise 


Looking to get dressed up and take yourself back in time? I have to admit I love getting dressed up and having a memorable night out on the town. Gatsby has you going back in time to the 1920s! This speakeasy is hidden down an alleyway off 8th Street in downtown Boise. As you walk down the alley look for a glowing green light and a wooden skeleton key sign this is your sign you have arrived. Knock on the door, give your password, enter the library, and hope to pick the right book that opens the door. Once inside you are greeted with a dimly lit room filled with gorgeous crystal chandeliers, a fully stocked bar, leather booths & flapper girls greeting you. This spot in town is definitely a spot you need to experience at least once.

Gatsby offers a wide variety of drinks that have your mouth watering just by reading the description. We absolutely loved our drink choices and some even came with decorative art. They also have a second speakeasy within their walls, a boiler room social for members only. Being a member of Gatsby gets you into this special boiler room, the first to be invited to special events, and your favorite liquor stocked.

There is a dress code for Gatsby! You can go full-on 1920s attire or dress in cocktail attire or just upscale, going out on the town for a fun night out attire. You must make a reservation and get the password of the day to be able to enter Gatsby.

Gatsby – 280 N. 8th Street, Ste. 130, Boise


“Cocktails done right, without the pretentious. Boise’s worst-kept secret.” In true speakeasy style, Suite 104 is hidden under 8th Street, tucked back in the corner. If you can find it, you are in for a night to remember!

Suite 104 is a tiny spot with so much character. I loved the wood bar tops and the quaintness of the space, the decor & the friendliness of the staff. They have seating inside the bar or they have fabulous patio space to be enjoyed. Caleb the main bartender is absolutely phenomenal at his craft. When going to Suite 104 you have the opportunity to let the bartender know what you love to drink & they take it from there. I honestly can say I’ve loved every single drink they have crafted. If you aren’t feeling up for a surprise drink, Suite 104 has a list of signature cocktails to choose from as well. They also have NA cocktail options for anyone not wanting to consume alcohol but wanting to enjoy an evening out.

Be sure to get Suite 104 on your radar and in the books, it’s a hidden gem that you need to experience. No reservations or passwords are needed to enjoy this spot in town.

Suite 104 – 280 N 8th St, Boise


Press and Pony doesn’t look like much from the outside but as soon as you take a step inside, you are transported to a different place. I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited but I was blown away moments after walking in their doors. The whole place has a vibe, an energy about it. The drink list is extensive and the cocktails are filled with all the flavors. I ordered a cocktail that they lit on fire and sprinkled cinnamon over top making it spark as it made it’s way to the cup. Definitely, a place that should not be missed while out on the town in downtown Boise.

“Press & Pony calls on the adventurous and outlandish, those that crave innovation and sophistication in all things. One should be revitalized with new experiences and seek avenues that augment the spirit of evolution. Press & Pony embodies that logic alongside our adroit craftsmen formulating new cocktails and reviving the classics.

With these thoughts in mind, we advise you to get out as frequently as possible, stay out as late as you can, and by all means, say yes to any and all invitations, no matter how bewildering they may be. Press on & Pony up.” Voted 2nd in Best Bar 2022, 1st Boise’s Best Bartender 2022 (Erik Schweitzer), and 2nd place for Best Bloody Mary 2022!

No reservations are needed. No dress code, just come as you are & enjoy a night out.

Press & Pony – 622 W Idaho St, Boise

BAR 40

Tucked within the walls of The Lively, Bar 40 is a throwback to the prohibition era. You will need a reservation and the password to get into this sneaky speakeasy. Upon checking in you will be escorted back to a solid door with a tiny square peek hole. After you have spoken the secret password, the door will be unlocked & your entrance allowed. The Lively did an exquisite job decorating and turning this space into a high-class, sophisticated space. Bar 40 serves up well-made and creatively crafted cocktails for all to enjoy. They have phenomenal light bites made with locally sourced ingredients. I have to admit each item blew me away with its complexity of rich and flavorful ingredients.

If you are looking for a place that crafts its own syrups, bitters, and sources its ingredients locally, Bar 40 is the place for you. I appreciate the professionalism that is showcased in everything The Lively does. You can see and feel the passion they have for their property and the food and drinks they serve. Make your reservation today so you too can enjoy all Bar 40 has to offer. They don’t have a dress code per se but you will want to be dressed nicely to enjoy your time at such a sophisticated spot in town.

Bar 40 – 505 W Bannock St, Boise


Craft Lounge is now offering two different locations in Nampa and Caldwell. Each space is uniquely different and offers a special night out on the town. They also are crafting up house-made, small-batch cocktail syrups to enjoy in your cocktails or buy and take home with you. Reservations are not required but are recommended. No dress code for either location.

“Cultivating the Cocktail Culture”– Our mission is to cultivate a sense of belonging, through the exploration and education of early American cocktail culture. For us that ultimately means we don’t care what you drink, we just want to make you feel at home. 

Our team is striving to build a community centered around the glass, through engaged hospitality, continuing education, and a consistent and progressive drink experience. Not only are we always striving to learn more about what we put in your glass, and the best ways to do it in order to provide you with the most consistent and highest-quality drinks in the state, but we LOVE to host.  We’ve worked hard to build a team who not only loves the art of craft cocktails but who loves our customers. 

Craft Lounge – 320 11th Ave. S #100, Nampa

Craft Lounge – 801 Everett Street, Caldwell

That’s A Wrap!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Treasure Valley’s Best Speakeasies & How To Find Them! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences as you go visit these speakeasies. Please be sure to let me know how you like them as you make your way around town.

Treasure Valley's Best Speakeasies! Showcasing all the hidden gems in the city.

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