Wanting to cut back on your drinking or maybe just take some time away? I have been on a mission to create the ultimate non-alcoholic beverage guide for you! This blog showcases the best non-alcoholic beverages in Idaho. I personally have been on my own journey of cutting alcohol out of my life. It’s been a real treat to find all of these incredible places in my home state. I will be sharing NA cocktails, botanical beverages, NA beers, and more! Be sure to let me know if I leave out one of your favorites! I know I have so many places to try, I have only scratched the non-alcoholic beverages surfaces.

I am loving the new sober curious movement and what the beverage industry is doing to stay on trend. It’s been fascinating to see all of the beverages being made non-alcoholic. I personally am crafting some incredible NA beverage recipes, so be sure to check out my recipe tab. Be sure to let me know if there is a place you love to go to that is serving up phenomenal non-alcoholic beverages in Idaho. I love adding to my list and would enjoy checking out a place that you personally recommend. Feel free to leave me a comment below or send me a private message.

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Places Serving Up The Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages In Idaho

The Lively – Boise, Idaho

At The Lively, we draw inspiration from the bounty of the region.  Every facet of our culinary offering has been curated to bring you a unique experience. That philosophy carries through from the menu to the interior of the restaurant. The art finishes and furnishings are all intentional. Our aim is simple and true: to welcome you with graceful, genuine hospitality into our home. As such, we have created a warm and familiar space into which we hope to invite you, again and again, to eat, drink, and be lively. 


I absolutely love visiting The Lively. I love the aesthetic, decor, and overall design of this lovely space in town. The monkey wallpaper makes me smile every time I see it. There is just an energy and vibe about The Lively that makes you feel alive. They take great pride in their food and drinks and you can taste it. Definitely a spot in town worth stopping in at.

Be sure to check out each space in their restaurant. The downstairs dining room is bright and airy. Bar Gibbon is one of the most beautiful bars in Boise, in my opinion. Upstairs is a sophisticated seating area that needs to be experienced. With views of the city from the upstairs windows, this is the place to be for a fun afternoon lunch or date night dinner. The speakeasy, well let’s just say you need to grab the secret code and experience this little spot tucked into the restaurant walls.

You will find a full menu of “temperance cocktails” filled with seasonal ingredients on rotation at The Lively. It was hard for me to choose a favorite since they all were so unique in flavor. No doubt in my mind, you will enjoy them too!

ART HAUS BAR – Boise, Idaho

“Casual, no reservation cocktail bar offering beer, wine, seasonal cocktails, and unique non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re hungry for a meal or just a nibble, food options are available to satisfy your cravings. Stroll in and have a cocktail with us. And perhaps a bowl of ramen. Stay for dessert. And a round of darts. As your evening ebbs and flows, so might your drink and food preferences. With a full bar that includes beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks, we’ll always have a menu item to match your mood. Sober-curious or fully immersed in the NA life?  That choice was not an afterthought. Your drink shouldn’t be either. Welcome back to the nightlife.”

The Art Haus Bar is such a fun, welcoming space right in downtown Boise. As soon as you walk in the door you feel welcomed and ready for a good time. The staff is laid back and they have a way of making you feel right at home as soon as you sit down. They do everything they can to make sure you enjoy every single thing you order. They have games lining the dining room and a fun dart board to try your hand at. A place you will continue to come to because of the good food, and irresistible drinks, and it leaves a lasting impression.

Tyler, one of their lead bartenders has become a personal friend and he works hard to create NA cocktails that will have you coming back for more. Using locally sourced and seasonally produced ingredients, his recipes are like nothing you’ve tasted before. If you have the chance, grab a seat at the bar and have a chat with Tyler. His knowledge will blow you away and have you understand every ingredient in your glass.

KIN – Boise, Idaho

“Great food can be had anywhere. To choose us is to participate in an evening of dining and storytelling in a communal environment. With a limited run of five weeks, each prix fixe menu is unique and changes faster than the seasons. As diners progress through the five courses and optional beverage pairings, the opportunities to engage with each other are constant and full of surprises.  Whether you are vegan, celiac, sober-curious, or require other dietary accommodations, you will find that our team values your connection with the dining experience.”

A Non-alcoholic beverage pairing can be served during the 5-course dinner.

I have had the opportunity to dine at KIN twice now and let me tell you, it is incredible! There is nothing like this in Boise and something that every person needs to try. It really is an experience that takes you by surprise. The communal tables give you the setting like you are at a fun friends and family dinner. Talking to new people and making new friends as the courses come out.

The food, where do I even begin with the food? It is phenomenal and they are professionals in their craft. The creativity, beauty, and taste of the food that comes out of the kitchen are unforgettable. They tell you about each course before enjoying it. Where the inspiration came from, who created it, and why they decided to serve it on this menu. I had the pleasure of enjoying an NA pairing at the last dinner and was blown away by each drink. With the ingredients they used and the flavors they created, I was speechless with every sip.

AMANO – Caldwell, Idaho

” Amano is a craft Mexican kitchen that delivers tradition in a vibrant and modern setting. We source carefully and prepare honestly to deliver the smell and taste of Mexico. From tortillas hechas a mano using heirloom corn (nixtamal), sourced from ancient grains in Mexico; to dishes that highlight the local harvest of Idaho and honor all the hands that prepared it; to hand-crafted cocktails and small batch agave distillations; to local hand-crafted beer and wine from the Snake River Valley. We deliver a hand-crafted experience. Hecho A Mano”

Amano is hands-down one of my favorite restaurants in Idaho. When they say they make everything by hand, they literally do. The ingredients, flavors, and taste of everything they make will blow your tastebuds away. They have so much passion for their craft and you can feel it as soon as you walk through their doors. They execute every detail of every dish and drink. Highly recommend getting reservations since Amano is literally packed every day they are open. Go see for yourself why this place is so phenomenal.

Their Non-alcoholic cocktails are just as flavorful and fun as their spirited cocktails. They use the non-alcoholic spirits Seedlip and Ritual to pair with their ingredients of choice. I have to admit I did pick a favorite in their lineup. La Pina with the grilled, smoky pineapple and maraschino cherry skewer blew me away. Using zero-proof rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice to make this delicious drink. It is a must-try while visiting Amano.

Water Bear Bar – Boise, Idaho

“It’s a bar owned by bartenders. A place where every day is a Little Saturday, welcoming all who are looking for a nice drink and a soft seat, and serving everyone with care and respect. You can expect approachable classics, modern cocktails, punch bowls, natural wines, and a lush “mountain tropical” escape in the heart of the city. Small bites including fresh Hama Hama oysters on the half shell, fresh snacking salads, and popcorn are some of the faves from their “100% gluten-free friendly” kitchen. Excellence in food and beverage starts with the basics, so we emphasize high quality, healthful ingredients, discipline for strong technique, ongoing spirits education, and service training for our team. Our “live tiny, die never” motto keeps us real. Attention to details like “good ice” and the right glass is why we hope you’ll stay for another round.”

Where do I begin? Water Bear Bar is possibly my favorite bar to visit in town! The plants hanging from the ceiling, the welcoming atmosphere, the incredible bar snack menu, and more drinks than you could ever choose from. Need I say more? This place is like nothing you will find in Boise. The people, the plants, and the perfectly prepared drinks are one of a kind! I love this little oasis in the center of downtown Boise. The Standing Wave is my personal favorite. If you close your eyes you literally are transported to the beach with your toes in the sand the sound of the waves crashing in your ears. It is the perfect combination of flavors that come together like a classic mojito just without the rum.

Thick as Thieves – Boise, Idaho

“A hidden bar in downtown Boise for cocktail enthusiasts with a stylish candle-lit atmosphere and a welcoming staff.”

Thick As Thieves is a speakeasy located in downtown Boise. It has become a fan favorite with its swanky vibes and dreamy ambiance. They have created a space that keeps you wanting to come back for more. The menu is filled with unbelieve options to choose from. I had the pleasure of trying all of their NA cocktails and I was blown away by the flavors. The ingredients were some that I had never tried before and they crafted irresistible drinks without the alcohol. I loved the Queen Pine Milk Punch, which brings together clarified milk punch, toasted coconut, lime leaf, and fizz. It was so smooth and had their phenomenal clear block ice cube to keep it cold and crisp. Be sure to check out Thick as Thieves for an unforgettable evening in downtown Boise.

Erth Beverage Co. – Garden City, Idaho

It is the access to the local ingredients that inspired Erth Beverage Co. founders Sam and Eric Herrera to create botanical, alcohol-free sodas and switchels – a combination of cold-pressed juice, apple cider vinegar, and Idaho honey. “Living in Idaho is such a treat in the sense that we have an abundance of farms and produce in our backyard, which is why we wanted to create a beverage that not only tasted good but was full of locally sourced ingredients. One of my favorite things about our beverages is they allow me to introduce the community to plants, fruits, and herbs they may have never heard of before. ” – Sam Herrera, holistic nutrition consultant and certified master herbalist.

I can’t even try to do these drinks justice. No words could properly explain the deliciousness that these botanical beverages and switchels contain. Every single flavor Sam and Eric have come up with has been incredible. I love knowing that I am supporting local but also supporting my own health and wellness. I get to quench my thirst but also build my gut microbiome and strengthen my immune system. There is something so wonderful in knowing that you are doing your body good with the beverages you are choosing to put in it. Cheers to good ingredients!

Atmos Brewing Co. – Hailey, Idaho

” Atmos Brewing Co. was founded in 2020 as part of the Sawtooth Brewery brand family in the mountains of Hailey, Idaho. At Atmos, we fully believe in crafting good beer. We are also passionate about our health, lifestyles, and adventures. From those merging values, we created a range of Non-Alcoholic brews that are guaranteed to refresh you. There’s nothing quite like a long hike, ski day, or rafting trip that ends with cracking a cold one.  We craft our beer from the heart of Idaho with Free Range Big Wood Water, Idaho Malted Barley, and Idaho Hops.

The options are endless with beer that tastes great, without the alcohol. Whether you are taking a night off, curious about sobriety, or have cut alcohol out of your life – Atmos has something for you.”

I was so curious to try the only non-alcoholic beer being brewed in Idaho. I have to admit I am one of those people that love to crack a cold one at the end of the day of hiking or biking. There is something that I crave, unsure if it is the carbonation or the carbs after a love day of adventuring. Whatever it is, I am so happy to say that I really enjoyed the NA beers that Atmos Brewery had to offer. Each one was so different in flavor and offered a well-balanced beer to enjoy. The company has seen huge changes in the market and a big increase in their sales in the last few years and only expect the trend to continue to rise.

Non-alcoholic crafted beer being served in Hailey, Idaho at Atmos Brewing Co.

That’s a wrap on the best non-alcoholic beverages in Idaho. I’ll be adding to this last every time I am able to try out a new spot in Idaho. I also would love to hear from you and get any and all suggestions on places to try. I love hearing from you and would love to know what companies or places you like to go to enjoy a NA beverage. Until then, I have included some other blog posts I think you will enjoy.

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