Whoop Yeah!! Oh my goodness my friend! I’ve been working hard over this last month to get this put together and ready for you! I am so excited to finally have all my personal Amazon favorites in one spot. I get asked time and time again for recommendations and now I have a one-stop shop for all things! Now, that being said. You know I am always talking about supporting local and shopping small and I definitely believe in that. But, there are also times when you are in a pinch and need to grab something fast. Or, times that you aren’t able to find what you are needing locally.

I always like to offer this reminder during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. To shop intentionally. Stop yourself and ask if you NEED the item. If you will USE the item or if it is an impulse buy. Keeping up with others buy. It really is something you are wanting and will use in your life, so go ahead and make that purchase.

I took the time to go through my Amazon purchases over the last few years to compile these categories. Some of the items are tried and approved by me. Some are items I have heard great things about and they are on my own wish lists. I take great pride in my work and stand behind the items that I recommend and I hope you always know that.

Let’s break down the categories so that you are able to navigate things seamlessly.

Personal Favorites For Kitchen, Cookbooks & Entertaining

All my personal Amazon favorites for kitchen must haves, cookbooks and entertaining in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

These categories might be my FAVORITE! Yep, I said it. You will find three different categories chocked full of my personal favorites. I love so many items that I rave about for kitchen must-haves. There are so many cookbooks that have paved the way for me and my cooking journey. And, let’s just say entertaining friends and family is a personal favorite. There is nothing better than inviting people over and pulling out all your fun glassware, and dishes. I love sharing a meal together and enjoying the company.

Personal Favorites for Home Decor & Cleaning Supplies

All my personal Amazon favorites for Home decor and cleaning supplies in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

Oh gosh! Now I might be second-guessing myself because these two are favorites as well. I guess you see why it has taken me so long to create these items! There are just too many things that I have tried and really liked. So excited to finally have all of the things that bring me joy in one spot. An easy place for you to browse and find what calls to you. We are all so different and it is fun to find out our own personal styles, wants, and desires.

Personal Favorite For Workout Clothes, Books & Feminine Health

All my personal Amazon favorites for workout clothes, books, and feminine health in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

As you know, I am very passionate about feminine health and ridding ourselves of toxins. I for sure wanted to create a space for you to find products that you could make switch. I’ve been testing and trying so many brands and products and have found favorites. I included period cups, natural remedies for cramps, headaches, and more. I’m also an avid reader and had to create a space for the books that have changed my life. These books are ones that I personally read and impacted my life. I always love recommendations so if you have some, please leave me a comment below! We can’t forget movement! Something I speak about almost every day on my Instagram (if we aren’t friends, let’s be today!). I haven’t found a ton of workout clothes on Amazon but a couple have been great!

Personal Favorites For Men & Outdoor Finds

All my personal Amazon favorites for men items and outdoor finds in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

I love finding great gift ideas for my husband. He isn’t a big shopper so it is fun to be able to find some great items just for him. We also are an outdoorsy family so I had to create a place to showcase all our favorites. There is something about having the right gear that makes being outside that much better. I can’t wait for you to be able to see everything we have been enjoying!

Personal Favorites For Holistic Healing & Natural Remedies

All my personal Amazon favorites for Holistic Healing & Natural Remedies in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

Whoo! I love talking about Holistic Healing and Natural Remedies! Seriously could talk about them all day and love finding the ones that align with what I teach. This section will be filled with items that I personally use to keep myself healthy and well. I hope you find some insight and options to make a switch to a healthier product to use!

Personal Favorites For Food, Beverages & Travel Essentials

All my personal Amazon favorites for Favorite Foods, Beverages & Travel Essentials in one spot. #amazon #favorites #shop

Oh, how I love good food, drinks, and travel! These are three different sections that are chocked full of my favorites! I definitely have some great, healthy food and drink options! This is a great way to be introduced to new products that you might have never heard of before! Go have a look and see what I am loving! In the travel essentials, I have included luggage, bags, travel snacks, water bottles, etc. Everything that I personally take to have a better travel experience!

Personal Favorites For Home Gym & Recovery

Whoop Whoop! Love a space for exercise and recovery! It plays such a huge role in my life and I wouldn’t be able to show up as my best self without it. I have included some of the home gym items that I use for daily exercise. I also wanted to include some great recovery tools to have you feeling your best. Every person and everybody is different, so find what works best for you. As always, if you have any questions or need some guidance picking items, please reach out! I love hearing from you and would love to assist.

That’s A Wrap!!

I hope you have enjoyed working your way through this blog post and being able to see the categories that I have created for you! I would love feedback and recommendations if you have a category you’d love for me to include.

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