Coming off the highs of the holiday season? I absolutely love this time of year but I know that my sugar blues come around more frequently with all the holiday parties, rich food & decadent desserts. Sugars are delicious but they can leave you feeling jittery, depleted, and anxious. This is exactly why I created the Sugar Blues Bootcamp, to help you kick your sugar cravings now!

I’ve had so many family members, friends, and clients ask for a resource on how to cut the sugar out of their daily meals. They have felt during the holidays that their sugar cravings skyrocketed, and their overall health plummeted. I have to admit, I too have experienced these sugar blues and wanted to create a resource to help tackle those sugar cravings.

Kick your sugar cravings now with my new no-added-sugar cookbook and nutrition guide. 50+ recipes made just for you! #noaddedsugar #recipes #cookbook

What is included in the Sugar Blues Bootcamp?

I included 50+ no-added-sugar recipes for breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, dinner, snacks, & treats! Honestly, anything you could ever want on your plate is included in this cookbook. I included some new, never been seen recipes, some fan favorites, as well as some personal favorites. The recipes are packed with real foods that come together to create delicious meals that keep you full and satisfied for hours after eating.

I wanted to show you that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or bland. It also doesn’t have to take hours on end to prep your food and clean up. These recipes come together quickly with limited ingredients. I also include my personal grocery guide in the book so that you can have a guide to grocery shopping. So many tips, tricks, and ways to kick your sugar cravings

Why I created this Cookbook & Nutrition Guide.

I wanted to create a cookbook filled with no-added-sugar recipes that you looked forward to having on your plate. Recipes that are made with real foods that taste incredible and keep you full, and satisfied for hours. I also wanted to create a guide for you to be able to learn how to read nutrition labels, understand ingredients & start making informed food choices. Let’s get to the new book details so you can get on your way & kick your sugar cravings now!

My philosophy on food. I created a no-added-sugar cookbook and nutrition guide to help you kick your sugar cravings and take back your health. #cookbook #recipes #nutrition #noaddedsugar

How is Sugar Blues Bootcamp Different?

I planned this cookbook and nutrition guide to be different from any detox, diet, or restrictive program you might have tried. I wanted this to feel different, be different, and especially taste different. This book is all about crowding out the sugar with healthy, delicious, and fulfilling foods. It is not about depriving yourself of the foods you love most.

It is filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & even desserts that you can enjoy and fuel yourself for as many days as you’d like to go without added sugars. It’s set up to be 7 days but you decide. It might be 2, 3, 5, or 9 days; there are enough recipes to last you months. You can switch and swap the recipes as you’d like to create meal plans. As you move through the days without the added sugars you might at first not feel the best. This is your body just getting rid of things it no longer needs; all while figuring out this new way of eating. Remember to stay hydrated & move your body daily to help it move things out.

The times I have allowed myself to reset and take a week off from sugar have opened my eyes to how good I can feel. I notice better digestion, increased energy, no midday slumps, better sleep & a better mood. I also find my cravings change & I really savor and enjoy every bite of food I place in my mouth.

Sugar Blues Bootcamp Cookbook & Nutrition Guide

The Sugar Blues Bootcamp won’t be a walk in the park but I promise it will be worth it. Be patient with yourself, set mini-goals to celebrate as you go along. And, remind yourself of the importance of what you are placing in your body.

Grab your copy today and get started on kicking your sugar cravings to the curb so you can take back your health!