Ready to learn how to visit Blue Heart Springs Idaho’s Hidden Oasis? You might have seen the crystal clear, tropical oasis-looking, hidden area of Idaho on social media & wondered how the heck is that in Idaho. Well, You came to the right place because I am giving you all the details of how to go enjoy! I’ll admit Blue Heart Springs blew me away the first time I went. I had seen videos and photos of this place but being in person is something else. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most spectacular places in Idaho. The fact that this little cubby is on the side of the river is unreal. It truly is a hidden oasis that should be experienced at least once. Are you ready to learn all there is to know about how to visit Blue Heart Springs Idaho’s Hidden Oasis? Let’s get to it!

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A view of Blue Heart Springs from above!

8 Things To Consider Before Planning Your Trip To Blue Heart Springs

Blue Heart Springs, located in Idaho, is a stunning natural wonder. Here’s how you can visit:

  1. Research and Planning: Start by researching the location and ensuring it aligns with your travel plans. Look for information about access, permits (if needed), and any restrictions or guidelines for visitors.
  2. Access Points: Blue Heart Springs is accessible via boat on the Snake River. Plan your route accordingly, considering factors such as launching points, navigation, and any potential hazards along the river.
  3. Boat Rental or Tour: If you don’t have your own boat, consider renting one or joining a guided tour. There are several outfitters in the area that offer boat rentals and guided trips to Blue Heart Springs.
  4. Navigation and Safety: Ensure you have the necessary navigation tools, such as maps or GPS, to safely navigate the river. Follow all safety guidelines and regulations, including wearing life jackets and adhering to speed limits.
  5. Respect Nature: When visiting Blue Heart Springs, remember to respect the natural environment. Avoid littering, stay on designated paths or areas, and refrain from disturbing wildlife.
  6. Photography and Enjoyment: Blue Heart Springs offers fantastic photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera! Take your time to soak in the beauty of the springs and enjoy your visit to this picturesque location.
  7. Weather and Season: Consider the weather and the time of year when planning your visit. Blue Heart Springs may be more crowded during peak seasons, so plan accordingly if you prefer a quieter experience.
  8. Permits and Regulations: Check if any permits are required for visiting Blue Heart Springs and make sure to obtain them in advance. Be aware of any regulations or restrictions that may apply to your visit.

By following these steps and planning ahead, you can enjoy a memorable visit to Blue Heart Springs in Idaho.


Blue Heart Springs is an oasis located in the small town of Buhl in Southern Idaho. This area is about 1.5 hours from Boise, 45 minutes from Twin Falls, and 4 hours from Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Springs are located on the Snake River near Buhl, Idaho, in the Thousand Springs Reserve area. Blue Heart Springs are just past the Box Canyon Springs and pretty close to Ritter Island.

Blue Heart Springs is located along the Snake River in southern Idaho, near the town of Hagerman. Here’s how you can get there:

  1. By Car: If you’re traveling by car, the nearest major city to Blue Heart Springs is Boise, the capital of Idaho. From Boise, you’ll take I-84 East towards Twin Falls. Then, you’ll take Exit 141 for Highway 30 towards Hagerman. Follow Highway 30 until you reach Hagerman.
  2. From Hagerman: Once you’re in Hagerman, you’ll need to head to the boat launch area along the Snake River. Blue Heart Springs is accessible by boat only. The boat launch area is located at the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument Visitor Center.
  3. By Boat: From the boat launch area, you’ll need to navigate upstream on the Snake River to reach Blue Heart Springs. The springs are located about 7 miles upstream from the boat launch.
  4. Guided Tours: If you don’t have your own boat, you can also consider joining a guided tour that takes visitors to Blue Heart Springs. There are several outfitters in the area that offer guided trips along the Snake River.
Kayaking at Blue Heart Springs


The only way to get to Blue Heart Springs is by watercraft. Most people choose to take a boat, jet ski, kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. The Snake River only allows property owners to have a dock and ramp on the water. You will need to contact a local business or make friends with a local to place your watercraft in the water.


Banbury Adventures

Banbury Adventures is the easiest way to experience the magic of Snake River along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. We offer kayak and paddle board rentals, giving you the freedom to explore independently, along with guided day trips via kayak, jet ski, or boat.

Conveniently located at Banbury Hot Springs, we are the perfect launching point to access many nearby destinations, including Blue Heart Springs, Box Canyon, and Thousand Springs State Park. After a day out on the water, relax in the geothermal waters of Miracle Hot Springs. Day-use passes and private pools at Miracle Hot Springs can be reserved here

Blue Heart Kayaking

We strive to provide our customers with high-quality rentals, exceptional service, and an enjoyable outdoor experience. Our rental locations offer convenient access to a beautiful stretch of the Snake River that includes Blue Heart Springs and Ritter Island.  We hope our guests have a remarkable experience and leave with a greater appreciation for this unique corner of the world. 

Drone Shot of Blue Heart Springs
A day adventuring at Blue Heart Springs


There are a couple of different ways you can tackle Blue Heart Springs! I am here to lay it all out for you so that you can know before you go!

  • Book with Banbury Adventures & have them pick you up at Thousand Springs when you are done adventuring. This was the easiest option for us. They made it so easy to arrive at their location, jump in our kayaks, and be on our way. We had service the whole time and were able to let them know when we were heading to the Thousand Springs Dock. I highly recommend this option because you are supporting a local business and making your life easier by only having to paddle one way.
  • The next option would be to shuttle yourself from each location. Bring two cars if you are able and leave one at Thousand Springs Resort & the other at the dock of your choice. Banbury Adventures and Blue Heart Kayaking will allow you to park your car if you are renting from them or paying to use their dock. Take your time paddling to Blue Heart Springs, maybe stop and see Ritter Island, and then exit at Thousand Springs Resort. You will need to make sure the company can pick up their rentals if you do it this way. Or maybe you have your own watercraft so be sure to have the vehicle with the trailer or carrier at the take-out.
  • Do a round-trip tour from the dock of choice to Blue Heart Springs and back. This is a pretty popular option and one that most do.
  • Book a spot at Thousand Springs Resort and utilize the dock that each camp spot has. They don’t have rentals but if you have your own then you are good to go!


The length of the paddle and the time that it will take will vary depending on where you launch from. I would say to plan on 1 to 2 hours to make your way to Blue Heart Springs. Plan to spend some time just docked at Blue Heart Springs to eat lunch, swim if you dare, and soak in the sun. The paddle can take a few hours, depending on factors such as the speed of the current, wind conditions, and your paddling speed. It’s essential to plan accordingly, ensuring that you have enough time and supplies for the journey. Additionally, be sure to consider your level of experience and comfort with paddling longer distances when planning your trip to Blue Heart Springs.

Dogs are allowed at Blue Heart Springs but please make sure they are good on the paddle board or kayak before heading out on this day adventure. Bring enough water for them & poop bags to pick up after them.

Blue Heart Springs adventure with my dog Fin


Every time I’ve ventured to Blue Heart Springs I have made it an overnight adventure. I think this is the most fun option because it allows for you to slowly enjoy your time on the water and then make your way into town. There are so many fun places to enjoy in town for food, drinks, and lodging.

  • Hagerman Valley Inn – Outdoor-Focused Hotel in the Heart of Hagerman, Idaho. No other Hagerman hotel can compare to our guest care and location in the Hagerman Valley. Hagerman is known as “The Valley of the Thousand Springs”. Thousand-year-old water spills out of the Snake River Aquifer in our area and the sites it creates are stunning. If you’re looking for adventure and beauty, Hagerman is the place to be. No matter your adventure, we make sure you come back to a perfect room. At the Hagerman Valley Inn, you’ll experience the modern touches, comfort, and convenience you deserve. We are pet-friendly and love hosting groups of all sizes. There are 17 rooms total with 4 King Suites, including a Jacuzzi Suite. The hotel recently went through renovations, increasing our focus on guest comfort. We are locally owned and strive to provide the friendliest service. We want every guest to thoroughly enjoy their time in Hagerman and at the Hagerman Valley Inn. We are also home to a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, fly fishing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding, skiing, and duck hunting. You can be sure that you will come back to a wonderful and very comfortable room. We hope to see you soon in Hagerman, Idaho!


  • Snake River Grill
  • Firepie Pizza & Pasta
  • Bullets & Brew
  • Papa Kelsey’s


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life jacket for Blue Heart Springs adventure

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dry bags

Highly recommend using a dry bag for this adventure. You can grab a sleave for your phone and a bag for all your belongings.


quick dry towel

Quick Dry Towels are the way to go! They are easy to pack and use. Grab yours before your day out on the water.


outdoor hats

Grab a sun hat to protect your head, ears, and neck for a full day in the sun. Great for adults and kids.


water shoes

Water shoes are a MUST for this trip! So important to have quality shoes to be able to use in the boat or on the rocks getting out. Grab your pair now!


outdoor swimsuits

A huge selection of swimsuits, rash guards, sun shirts for men, women, and kids! Be sure to have a suit that fits well and adequate clothing to keep the sun off of you.