I have to admit I’m literally giddy about the FIRST** Sprouting-Vitality holiday gift guide for all! I seriously spent more time than I’d like to admit on these guides but it makes me so happy. These guides are chocked full of my all-time favorite brands, local small businesses, and women-run businesses.

I’ve been asked over the course of the year to compile a list of my favorite products for different areas of my life. As you may or may not know I love cooking, I love moving my body & I love eating good food. These guides hold a little bit of everything I am passionate about. Being a woman who looks for quality over quantity, a bit obsessed with health & wellness but…. also wants to enjoy life, you will find it all in these guides!

I created these guides with items that I personally own as well as some on my own wish list. These lists can be used for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a nice gift to yourself.

I took the time to create completely clickable PDFs for you to download. This will allow for you to have seamless shopping and to have them on hand whenever you’d like.

I know I am rambling, I am telling you, I am like a kid in a candy shop with how excited and proud I am of these guides! So, without further ado let’s get to the Sprouting-Vitality Gift Guides!

My Take On Gifts……

I have to admit Tobi and I have leaned towards adventures and experiences more than material gifts. We both love to plan a trip to explore a new area of the U.S. or abroad. And, we both believe that “travel is the one thing you pay for but get richer from.” Don’t get me wrong. We still do gifts but they tend to be randomly throughout the year. I love the idea of creating a gift around spending time with those you love. A little VIP day together if you will. My aunt always gives us movie passes for Christmas and we all go see one together. This creates such a fun tradition for the whole family to look forward to & an easy gift idea as well.

A couple more fun gift ideas to spend time with those you love…

  • Movie Tickets – go see a movie all together with all the popcorn, hot tamales (personal family favorite) and drinks.
  • Spa Day– go get your nails done, facials, or spend a day at a local hot spring.
  • Picnic in the park – I used to do this during my time living in Florence, Italy. My friends and I would pack a picnic and make our way down to the river. We would swim, read, chat & enjoy all the delicious food we brought. This was such a lovely way to spend the day.
  • Book a girls trip – This doesn’t have to be all paid by one person, this is honestly a gift for each person going. A trip to look forward to, plan together & get to spend that time together. I think it is so important to have trips alone, with your friends, as well as your family.
  • Book a reservation to their favorite restaurant – You could surprise them with an evening getting dressed up and dining at one of their favorite spots. This makes it special because they love the place you picked and you get to enjoy their company and a fabulous meal.
  • Plan a day shopping together – I honestly love this. Instead of sending a couple ideas over to someone, I am always looking for a way to go together. It is alot more fun to be together, trying things on with another set of eyes to see if it actually looks good. I find that when you go shopping you tend to get hungry, so a nice lunch to enjoy with the person tends to happen as well.
  • Book a flight or get a flight credit – This doesn’t have to be spendy. It could be sharing miles, buying a credit or maybe finding a steal of a deal flight. Surprising them with a ticket to book to come and visit you. Maybe it is a friend you are dying to see but know they don’t have extra cash to visit. Or maybe you’ve racked up miles with work travel and could grab a flight free of charge.

Before we jump in….

I know…you are here for the gift guides not all the small talk. Trust me, we will get to the goodies soon! I wanted to take a moment to let you know this blog post does contain affiliate links. I like to be transparent in all that I do and I will always give it to you straight.

Here is the thing, making these guides takes time. Time researching, find, creating, organizing, planning out, ALL. THE. THINGS. to make these guides, and I love it and I hope you do too. Affiliate links give me the opportunity to work with the brands I love and also share them with you. These links don’t cost you a thing. Actually, a lot of the time I get a little added discount for you to use :)bonus! They make it so I make a small commission which directly supports my business, which I can’t thank you enough. Truly appreciate your support by using my affiliate links and coupon codes. I don’t take it lightly to have you here. I’m grateful to have your support in keeping my little business thriving. Ok, sending you a virtual hug and now let’s get to it!

Holiday Guides For All!

Reminder!*** Everything is linked on the guides. Just click the guide or hit the download button and it will open the guide in a separate window. You can click whatever catches your eye right on the guide and it will take you to it! Happy Shopping!

Guide For Her

Now, let me start with this, I termed these guides as a way to decifer between all of them. I couldn’t have one guide that went forever so I broke them up into categories. With that being said, you might love something in the guide for him or vise versa. Don’t let the guide titles keep you from browsing and finding what works best for you. If anything there is something for everyone in each guide so be sure to take a look at them all.

In this guide I put some of my favorite, favorite things! I honestly couldn’t live without my new found nontoxic makeup, my lulu pants that just feel like a dream, and clean wine? Wait what? yep I said it. Oh! And the joggers that feel like heaven when you wear them. Yep all of that and a period cup that I believe every single person with a period should have! Dive right in to this goodness, no doubt in my mind you will find a thing or two!

Gift Guide for Him

Oh! Am I excited for you to check this guide out. I have to admit I struggle finding Tobi and my dad good Christmas gifts. So this year I really dove into the world wide web to find the items I was looking for. I think I gathered a good amount of options for any person to find what they are looking for. I loved the leather carry case, we personally use the speaker daily, we have our own solo fire pit that goes everywhere with us. Quality meat, shoes, cocktail ice maker & dreamy bar tools! Ok, I’ll let you get to looking.

For the Athlete

This gift guide was crafted for anyone that loves to move their body. An athlete in my mind is anyone that is alive in this wonderful world we live in. It takes a lot to get up each day and take on the day and moving our bodies come in many different ways. It could be restorative yoga, or a walk around the block, or maybe just taking the stairs up to your office. Don’t let a word or a term take away from what you do for yourself and your body each day. The items listed in this guide are to help you feel your best so you can do your best each day.

Natural Beauty & Skincare Gift Guide

This might be one of my favorite guides. I’ve really gotten into clean beauty care and natural skincare. I have been blown away by the products I’ve found and excited to share them with you. I personally have every single item that I placed on this page. The Sunlighten wood sauna is in the works but I’ve enjoyed their solo sauna for years. I honestly can say I think everyone could benefit from having a sauna at their home. As always, if you have any questions about items please feel free to reach out. I am here to help you navigate all things health and wellness.

Gifts for the Home

As you know, we have been remodeling our home for the past couple months. This has created a monster in finding all the amazing things I want to fill the spaces with. I have loved finding new eco-friendly, nontoxic items that actually look nice and feel nice in your home. I am a big believer in filtering your water and included one of our favorites, a local nontoxic candle shop I love. And, possibly my favorite record player EVER. We have a record player that Tobi snagged at a record store 10+ years ago but this one is gorgeous! Playing our vinyls while cooking dinner is one of our favorite things to do. I included a couple splurge items on here but toned it down with pillows, alarm clocks, and a fairtrade basket that is a must have for all your gardening needs.

Guide for the Cook

Did I save the best for last? You know me too well! HaHa I think all of my guides are the best but I do think I had the most fun with this one. I just have too much fun in the kitchen as you can all see on Instagram 🙂 Being in the kitchen and trying out new food with all the cool gadgets is my jam! I personally own 90% of the items on this guide and the remaining 10% are on my wish list! Do you need all the bells and whistles to make good food? No. But, do I believe it makes it easier and faster? Yes. Go look at what I included and maybe snag my Taste of Trader Joe’s E-book while your at it. Haha shameless plug for my E-book I love so much. Enjoy!

Stocking Stuffer Guide

I love snacks and food and fun ways to have them all! I thought it would be great to share some ways to fill the stockings with items that are good for your health. I’ve carefully selected these to have them be things you would be excited to receive. So go peek around and see what you find, you might be surprised how many spark your interest.

Alright, That’s a Wrap!

Hope you have enjoyed my first ever holiday gift guide. I really took the time to create guides that anyone could find a thoughtful, useful, wonderful gift from.

I’ll be adding some local favorites for small business Saturday so be on the lookout for those additions. It is so important especially now to be supporting local, small businesses, women run and owned business, the list goes on and on.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and start to your Holidays. May you feel welcomed, warmed & merry this holiday season.

May you be more aware of your presence with those you love then worried about the presents you gift or receive. Time is a gift we can never get back, let’s focus on what matters most.

Sending all the love & light.