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With each year that goes by I find myself more & more interested in how to keep my skin looking its best. The things that you don’t think about at an early age, slowly start creeping in as the birthdays pass. I have included some of the items that I have started to use and consume to keep my skin nourished and glowing.


I have to admit I haven’t always been aware of the toxins that are in my skincare products. I used to be a grocery store skincare shopper and never thought twice about it. As I started down the rabbit hole of clean skincare, my jaw dropped with the information I was finding. It is one of those things that once you know, there is no turning back. I no longer can turn a cheek and pretend to not know about the toxins and chemicals being used in everyday products. Lucky for me I was able to find skincare lines that are women-owned, nontoxic, and doing good in the community. The fact that these products actually work and make your skin feel glorious is an added bonus!

Primally Pure, I could seriously talk all day about this brand. I found them a couple years ago and my bathroom cabinet is now busting at the seams with their products. I believe I own just about every item they offer & have gifted so many products to friends and family. 


Serums… if you aren’t using them, you should be. I am a newbie to serums but I’m hooked and will never go back to the days and nights without them. Serums seem simple but they pack some serious skin goodness.


Masks are perfect for those long Epsom salt baths, super soul sundays, or the days that you might need to multi-task. I have the mask for each and every occasion. Some to lighten and brighten the skin, hydrate, moisturize and detox. Don’t underestimate the powers of a good mask.


We tend to put so much focus on our face but our body is needing a little TLC too. Here are some of the items that I have started to use to make sure my body feels loved and taken care of as well.


Living in a dry climate, I have realized just how much my lips need moisture. I continue to search for the perfect lip care that can moisturize, perk up and possibly give a nice tint to my lips.


Some say the “eyes are the window to the soul” … well, if that is the case, make sure yours are staying moisturized and looking their best.



Some of the odds and ends that I have found and enjoyed. Didn’t have an exact category to place these in, but too good to leave out!



These are tried and true skincare tools that I swear by! I personally rotate using them on a daily basis and have seen huge changes in my skin and puffiness in the mornings. Give them a try and see what you think.



OMG! I could write a novel about this makeup line, but I will refrain & just tell you that I absolutely love everything they make and my skin does too. You can feel the quality of their products and they leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized un-like other makeup brands. Here are a couple of my favorites but there are so many more to be found on their website as well.



Perfume…. something we all love to wear but few of us know just how toxic it truly is. It is time to trade in the toxic, chemical spray and start investing in nontoxic perfumes that actually do a body good.



Sharing some of the items I have found to work for my hair. And….. a couple still on my wish list that I would love to someday have in my home and use on my hair. Hey, a girl can dream!



I love a good self-care Sunday or any day that I find myself needing a little TLC. I am a sucker for a good Epsom-salt bath, so here are some of my favorite salts to sprinkle into the tub and soak for hours.


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I wanted to take a second to let you know that this site contains affiliate links to products that I have used and fallen in love with. I take it VERY seriously to put my name and brand behind products and companies. Taking great pride in the work that I do and would never jeopardize your trust and the ability to connect for a feature or review.

You can rest assured that making a commission on purchases would never, ever sway my decision to feature a product, write a review or compare products/companies. I love finding products and companies that are doing great work and offering incredible products & I want to shout it front the rooftops! Which some of you aren’t within range to hear it so, the next best thing is to make space on my pages to get the word out to all of you! I genuinely love the companies I recommend and my highest hope is that you will too!

With all that being said, I want to say Thank You for your support. By using the links on products I recommend it allows for me to continue to do the work I love. A small gesture that goes a long way with creating and making Sprouting-Vitality what it is today. I sincerely appreciate your support & glad you are here! “Air High Five Emoji!”

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Sending Love & Light your way!

– Kenz