Kitchen Essentials

Sharing some of my favorite kitchen essentials that I have collected over the years. Items that have proven to make cooking easier & clean-up next to nothing. Grab a couple of these items and see why they made the list! 

Kitchen Tools

I love finding tools to use in the kitchen that makes every job easier. These kitchen essentials have been tried and tested and have passed with flying colors. I am not one to quickly advertise & suggest products so know that these are ones that you will love too!

Baking Essentials

I can’t say enough about how important it is to use quality pans to bake on. It will change the cooking time & how your products turn out. So don’t skimp on the baking pans you purchase. Want to know the key to little to no clean-up? Parchment paper and these silicon liners. They seriously saved me so much time & they make it so nothing sticks to the pan. They are a dream to work with and kitchen essentials that shouldn’t be missed.

Storage Containers

Looking for better ways to store your food and beverages? I have gotten rid of all plastic in my home & happily traded it for glass. This is better for your health, the environment & I have to say it is esthetically pleasing. Being able to look into your storage containers & see the deliciousness waiting inside makes you want to enjoy your leftovers!

coffee favorites

I love good coffee! I never liked coffee until I spent two years living abroad in Florence, Italy. After those years, I was hooked! Now I want to have a container to keep my coffee fresh & use only the best tools to make the best coffee! These are a couple of the things that I use and have fallen in love with.

nothing better than clean water!

I have been using the in-home 5 stage water filter in my home for the last couple of years. I absolutely love the ease of use and have had many guests tell me our water is delicious. The Berkey is also a great option for your home and can easily be packed up and taken with. I love my straws! I use them in my water and smoothies at home and keep a couple in my car and purse to use on the go!

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