Coming from a family of all girls I have always loved fashion, clothing, jewelry, all the things. Over the years I have learned more about fast fashion and have personally made it a priority to not invest in that system any longer. I am doing my part in researching the companies I am buying from and why. I hope I can help shed some light on the reasons why you want to know the people behind the items you are buying.


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I wanted to take a second to let you know that this site contains affiliate links to products that I have used and fallen in love with. I take it VERY seriously to put my name and brand behind products and companies. Taking great pride in the work that I do and would never jeopardize your trust and the ability to connect for a feature or review.

You can rest assured that making a commission on purchases would never, ever sway my decision to feature a product, write a review or compare products/companies. I love finding products and companies that are doing great work and offering incredible products & I want to shout it front the rooftops! Which some of you aren’t within range to hear it so, the next best thing is to make space on my pages to get the word out to all of you! I genuinely love the companies I recommend and my highest hope is that you will too!

With all that being said, I want to say Thank You for your support. By using the links on products I recommend it allows for me to continue to do the work I love. A small gesture that goes a long way with creating and making Sprouting-Vitality what it is today. I sincerely appreciate your support & glad you are here! “Air High Five Emoji!”

Thank you , Thank you, Friend for connecting with me today!

Sending Love & Light your way!

– Kenz