I have been living in Boise, ID for years now, so I thought it was time to write about my favorite restaurants in Boise. I’m going to start with a dinner post since thats the meal we dine out the most! I tend to like to get dressed up and go out on the town so these are some of the perfect “date night out”, a bit more dressed up & a couple that are more casual. Hope you enjoy!

Some of Sprouting-Vitality's favorite dinner restaurants in Boise, ID. Get dressed up and go out on the town enjoying delicious food! Be sure to follow www.sprouting-vitality.com for recipes, food & travel posts. Also, on instagram @sproutingvitality. #kenzinthekitch #mckenzieonthemove

I hope you enjoy these recommendations and the food as much as I have. I have gotten to know the owners, chefs and staff working at these restaurants in Boise and have nothing but great things to say about each one of them! The food they create is really incredible, sourcing local ingredients, family recipes and dishing up beautiful plates.

Petite 4

Are you drooling yet? I seriously get hungry and have cravings every time I look at these pictures! Petite 4 has been one of my favorites since they opened the doors to this tiny yet mighty restaurant. I have become friends with DK and Sarah and it has been such a treat to watch this couple grow and thrive with this restaurant in Boise.

When you step into this little French restaurant you really feel like you have left the streets of Boise & are tucked into a romantic little place on the streets of France. The green painted walls, touch of gold decor and the open kitchen is an experience within itself, the exquisite food is an added bonus.

I don’t think there has been a time that I have dined at Petite 4 and haven’t had the urge to lick my plate clean. Every plate is perfect seasoned, paired and I am a sauce girl so the fact that they make some amazing sauces, sealed the deal.

I also have to let you in on a little secret. There is a little yellow door on the side of Petite 4 that becomes one of the best places to stop for coffee and ricotta donuts on Saturday mornings. This is usually running in the warmer weather so be sure to check their website or instagram page to confirm they are running! You won’t be disappointed.

Hyde Park Wine Shop

Hyde Park Wine Shop! I hope my little write-up can do this 70’s themed wine bar justice. I can’t explain to you the quality and deliciousness of their offerings. They locally source, like literally have a garden plot next store so that they can create seasonal entrees and desserts. The amount of flavor in each dish is mind-blowing and they have so many options and a reasonably priced tasting menu for you to be able to create a memorable meal. The staff and chefs at Hyde Park Wine Shop know us by name if that gives you an idea of how many times we have dined with them.

Hyde Park Wine Shop has inside and outside patio dining. We have been known to stop in for a post mountain bike ride appetizer & beer for the perfect summer evening patio session. I can honestly admit that this might be my favorite if not tied for favorite restaurant in Boise.

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey is a bit newer to the Boise food scene but it has become a popular one rather quickly. On most nights you will have a wait unless you made a reservation, the bar area packed with people wanting to sip and dine in such a cool atmosphere. I was able to go with a friend to their Grand Opening and pretty much tried every drink, food option & dessert they had on their menu. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to unbutton my pants to be able to comfortably walk out of there. Normally I am not one for chain restaurants but Tupelo is a bit different. They ethically source all their meats, try and source items like their bread and other ingredients from a business within the city they are in and most recipes are made from scratch.

The decor and overall atmosphere of Tupelo Honey is open, airy and upbeat. The staff that I have interacted with have all been super friendly and knowledgeable about the menu items. Tupelo Honey filled the fried chicken restaurant void within Boise, I have tasted and can confirm that their honey dusted chicken is finger licking good! Also highly recommend the potato cracklings, you won’t be sorry!


Alavita was the first restaurant I ever went to in Boise. I was on a trip to visit my then boyfriend, now husband and he knew my love for italian food and fresh pasta. I really love the ambiance and decor at Alavita, you step past the velvet curtain into a fun little restaurant.

I’m also a lover of fresh seafood and Alavita tends to have a couple different options for on their menu ranging from a salad, entree or a pasta dish that includes seafood. I find their dishes to be flavorful and fresh. They also have bar seating for solo diners or those wanting to dine quickly, although I do love their plush velvety booths too!

The Funky Taco

The Funky Taco…. this place packs a punch! Their tacos are stuffed full of flavorful meats, slaws & some of the best sauces I have ever tasted. I absolutely love a ton of taste, texture, sauce & flavor in everything I eat so The Funky Taco definitely delivers. They have so many different options on their menu making it so everyone and every diet could find something to enjoy.

One of my favorites is the kimchi quesadilla. It is drizzled with a little touch of honey and spice making every bite a bit tangy with the kimchi but followed with sweet and spicy! Love it! They tend to have live music most nights making it a place for dinner and entertainment, which I think makes the list for being a favorite spot in Boise!

The Wylder

I’ve fallen in love with the sourdough crust that The Wylder serves up! I am a sucker for great sourdough and theirs is hands down SO GOOD! The Wylder is centrally located downtown Boise, has inside or patio seating & the option of sitting at a table or the bar.

The Wylder also has a great cocktail list that is always changing and including new, fun, seasonal options. True Grit, pictured above, I believe might be my favorite right now. It brings together a bit of sweet and spicy to make what I think is a great pairing. The smoky broccolini with lemon zest and parmesan is also one of my go-to’s. The Wylder is super easy to pop in for lunch or dinner and I think is one of the best pizza restaurants in Boise.


I had the opportunity to go check out Trillium for their grand re-opening. They recently updated everything about this restaurant & I really loved the decor, the new menu, the different bars you can sit at and the overall feel. I went to the grand opening with a group of foodie friends & lets just say we had a blast! As you can see in some of the photos above, we tried everything and might have snagged a picture or two of everything as well.

Trillium really had a great selection of items on their menu, catering to all dietary restrictions. The staff were super informative and friendly and the experience, one to remember. They offer free three-hour parking to help with the hardship that sometimes comes with dining downtown. Trillium is known for their craft cocktails, indulgent eats and eclectic ambiance, which is why I think it makes the list for restaurants in Boise.

The Lively Boise

The Lively Boise has been one of my newest favorites. It is like no other place in Boise. Having it be a two-story, gorgeous building with some the best wallpaper you could ever find! I seriously love the decor and the whole vibe of the restaurant and the two bars included. I have had some of my best meals in Boise at the Lively and they are now serving lunch during the weekdays as well. Book yourself a table ASAP!

Little Pearl Boise

Oh! The Little Pearl Boise. I have loved this little place in downtown Boise. I seriously seek out the places that you walk into and are transported somewhere else. You know what I’m talking about? Little Pearl has been said to feel like you walk into a little place in France or Chicago. I love those places that just take you to another place. The places that have the ambiance and the vibe and the food. The complete package in my mind and Little Pearl definitely has that. I have probably tried everything they offer on their menu and have to admit their lobster roll is one of the best. The toasted bun and fresh lobster and the fries with Old Bay! OMG good! It is a must-visit.

Some of Sprouting-Vitality's favorite dinner restaurants in Boise, ID. Get dressed up and go out on the town enjoying delicious food! Be sure to follow www.sprouting-vitality.com for recipes, food & travel posts. Also, on instagram @sproutingvitality. #kenzinthekitch #mckenzieonthemove

I hope you are able to get out on the town & give these restaurants in Boise a try! I would love to hear about your experience and especially about what you ordered! Be sure to leave me a comment or connect with me on Instagram @sproutingvitality and give me all the details!