I have to admit when I was moving to Idaho, I never thought it would be a mecca for wine! I am here to report I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine, the number of wineries & the community built around it. Here is my complete guide to wine tasting in Idaho. I hope you enjoy seeing what the Sunny Slope trail has to offer, I think you may be surprised by just how many you have to choose from. With 60+ wineries and over 1,300 acres of vineyards, it’s no surprise that Idaho wine country is rapidly growing & producing award-winning wines!

My complete guide to wine tasting in Idaho. Showcasing what the wineries look like, their wines taste like & why you should visit! Look Now! #sproutingvitality #winetasting #idaho


Scoria is hands down one of my favorite red wines in Idaho. Whoa! That is a big deal for me to say! But, seriously! I love the reds Scoria makes. They have a tasting room in wine country as well as downtown Boise. Making it so easy to pop into either & giving their wine a try. We became members last year and recently were able to attend their Volcanic Vent 4-course dinner and it was incredible! I made a reel all about it to allow you to see what we ate, drank, and enjoyed the evening.

Indian Creek

Wine Tasting at Indian Creek in Idaho. Sharing my complete wine guide for wine in Idaho. Be sure to come and take a peek! #travel #wine #idaho

Indian Creek is such a beautiful place! My friend Allie and I popped in for a little tasting & I had a 16-week old puppy with me so this is the only photo I got! HaHa, I really loved sitting in their garden and being able to read about the wines as we tasted. If you are looking for a shaded, kinda “secret garden” feel, you should head to Indian Creek.

Parma Ridge

Parma Ridge has such an incredible lookout from their tasting area. They have a full kitchen available making it so easy to be able to give their wines a try as well as a delicious meal. I loved their herb, truffle fries! OMG! I can never say No to anything truffle! Make your way to Parma Ridge to enjoy wine, food & great views.

Hells Canyon & Zhoo Zhoo

Hells Canyon & Zhoo Zhoo Wine are together in such an enchanted location. The building reminded me of my time in Europe. It was a lot of fun to be able to try two different wineries at one location. They had a ton of tables all placed on a lovely grass area for dogs and kids to run and play. It is also Idaho’s first solar powered wineries! How cool is that? Be sure to put this family-run winery on your list.


Koenig, oh Koenig! This was the first winery we became members at and I am proud to say, years later we are still on their list! We love their tasting room and the high tower that allows you to see for miles. There are so many white, reds, ice wine, ports, etc being served and offered at Koenig, you can always find something new to taste. We highly recommend Koenig and bonus*** they have a giant chess set to enjoy some yard games as you taste!

My complete guide to wine tasting in Idaho. Showcasing what the wineries look like, their wines taste like & why you should visit! Look Now! #sproutingvitality #winetasting #idaho

Vine & Branch Ranch now turned Peaceful Belly Farm

Ok! Let’s talk about vine and branch ranch which has turned into Peaceful Belly Farm post quarantine. This place might be one of my food favorites! There are so many little treasures here. They have a farmers market in the front selling local produce, products & ice cream you HAVE to try! The flavors are out of this world yummy! The menu they offer is full of great choices, one of my favorites is the pickled deviled eggs. One stop shop for so many tasty choices!


Fujishin, the unassuming tasting room that holds some delicious wine! This tasting room isn’t grandiose in the way it looks but wow do they have some great wine. I am a red wine lover so I can’t speak to all of the whites. We enjoy our time at this tasting room every time we stop in. It is worth a mark on your map so make sure you stop!

Hat Ranch

Hat Ranch, what a fun place! They hang a hat on every single fence post and have a great patio to sit and watch the day go by. I have only been to Hat Ranch once for a fun girls wine country trip lets say it was one of our last stop and we might have had a dance party in their tasting room. I’d recommend stopping in to see this cool spot in wine country.


Huston is always fresh in my mind because I always laugh that it is on chicken dinner road. There is a good story about the name of this road so be sure to ask while you stop in. Huston has been one of our favorite places to stop. They always have such interesting wines to taste & without a doubt, we always end up with one or two new favorites to take home.

Kerry Hill

My complete guide to wine tasting in Idaho. Showcasing what the wineries look like, their wines taste like & why you should visit! Look Now! #sproutingvitality #winetasting #idaho

Kerry Hill is the winery that really packs in the personality. You roll up to a rustic wood building and darling sheep grazing the fields surrounding it. The patio is filled with tables, chairs, rocking chairs and some fire pits. The views are gorgeous and they often will do little tours around the grounds. I really have fallen for this fairly new spot in wine country. They really know how to welcome you in and help you enjoy your time. I have found some favorites here as well, at this point are you surprised? Again, I had our new pup Fin with us when we visited and I only got this one shot of the wines & possibly the best sandwich from Certified Kitchen & Bakery in Boise.


Cinder Tasting room in Garden City, makes it easy to taste some wine without needing to make a day of it. I was able to check out this gorgeous tasting room recently with my dear friend Kim who was picking up her wine club bottles. I was pleasantly surprised with the decor and overall feel of the tasting room. We both were hungry so we ordered their charcuterie board & started tasting! Wow! I really had a lot of fun tasting their wide range of wines! This is such a great spot right off the green belt and close to downtown for an easy wine tasting trip.


Telaya is a great spot right off the Boise greenbelt. It has a fabulous patio & offers different food offerings on any given night. They have some great wines to choose from, love music and the ability to host events at their space. It is such a nice spot to watch the green belt traffic roll by while you stay cool in the shade & sip on your beverages. Make a point to make a trip to this little winery on the river.

Day Trip & Driver Options

It is important to have a plan when you going wine tasting. To make sure you have a designated driver in your group or a business that takes the stress away and drives you to all the fun places. There are so many options to make your trip one to remember and to be safe with enjoying every sip. Take a look at the options below and get something on the books today!

Sunshine Wine Tours

Idaho Wine Tours

Snake River Wine Tours

My complete guide to wine tasting in Idaho. Showcasing what the wineries look like, their wines taste like & why you should visit! Look Now! #sproutingvitality #winetasting #idaho

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Wine Tasting Essentials

I wanted to share some of my wine tasting essentials! I love to have a fun travel bag to transport the wine, have our own plates, utensils, napkins, etc. It makes it feel like a fun experience when you have all your own items to make each stop memorable. I also think it is best to have a brimmed hat, nice sunnies & a crossbody purse to free your hands to enjoy your wine and snacks. I’ve included some of my favorite snacks to pack for a day out in wine country! As well as one of the best hydration tools to keep you feeling your best while enjoying your wine! Take a look below.