I’ve got to admit, I LOVE a great cup of coffee! I spent two years living in Florence, Italy and I became a coffee connoisseur, or I at least I like to think I am. I’ve lived in Idaho for five years now and traveled the state extensively. Which has allowed me to create this list of the best coffee shops in Idaho. I love places with great coffee but I also want the full package. I want the shop to have personality and great decor so that I can really enjoy my time in the space. This is what you will find within this blog post. Places that serve up incredible coffee & food in beautiful spaces.

I created this list for you to be able to find a coffee shop to pop into anywhere in Idaho. I can’t wait to hear which ones you visit and what your experience was at each. There are many shops that are shipping orders so for all my non-Idaho followers you can still support some of these shops too!

Showcasing Coffee Shops in Idaho to bring awareness around who they are, what they offer and how we can support each of them & shop local during this time. For more recipes, travel posts and inspiring posts be sure to follow me at www.sprouting-vitality.com and on instagram @sproutingvitality. #kenzinthekitch #mckenzieonthemove

There are so many ways that we can support these local businesses.

  • Buy their beans!
  • Buy a gift card to use for yourself, or gift to a family member, friend or a someone else in need.
  • Shop any other merchandise, gifts, cups, etc. that they might have on their website, posting on instagram or connect with them and ask how you can support them best in this time.


I have loved Form & Function since the day I walked into their aesthetically pleasing little coffee shop downtown. I have had girls gathering coffee dates, entrepreneur meet-ups & slow Saturday mornings at this cute spot. The toast, oat bowls, locally made baked goods, tea & coffee offerings make it so everyone can find something to indulge in!

COFFEE // We employ and highly train those who are passionate about coffee education and are always looking to progress in their craft and understanding. We combine skilled baristas with precise brewing parameters, to deliver you the best possible product.

ROASTING // From farm to cup, coffee needs proper care and conditions to allow it to yield the absolute best results. That is why we are keenly aware of how our product is cared for along the way, starting at the source. We step in at the final stages of the cycle using roasting techniques aimed to bring out the natural attributes in each bean.

FINALLY // As a company we are committed to sourcing sustainably and making efforts to ensure the entire supply chain is being taken care of. We are also committed to finding the tastiest coffee available, so we only buy the best. That way YOU are guaranteed to get a high-quality product while simultaneously spreading the dollar throughout the supply chain! Well played.


I absolutely love Slow by Slow, the black and white floor is one of my favorites and they make some great coffee. They have a split level so you can sit up in the loft space or snag a table outside and watch the day go by downtown Boise.

NECKAR – Boise, ID

This darling shop is one for the books. I absolutely swoon over the inside decor and aesthetic of this quaint coffee shop downtown. The white, wood, and black steel detailing has my heart but not as much their coffee & granola bowl! I am telling you what the granola bowl is insane! The strawberry compote makes you want to lick the bowl clean and the coffee, hot, cold, all of it is YUM! Love their black and white cups and charcoal bowls, I swear it makes everything taste better because it’s so easy on the eyes! Do yourself a favor and make this a must-try!

” A specialty coffee roaster located downtown Boise!”

JAVA – Downtown & Hyde Park – Boise, , Hailey , Ketchum , Twin Falls, ID

I visited the Hyde Park Java coffee shop many years ago during a girl’s trip to visit my dear friend Katie who was living in Boise. I will never forget that first trip because it was the first time I indulged in the famous Bowl Of Soul! This specialty mocha is something everyone should experience at least once!

In November 1991 Todd Rippo began what he would today describe as a selfish endeavor. Essentially, he created a place where he would want to hang out.  Java has a hand-crafted bakery menu (most of the recipes from Todd’s sister Annie) and breakfast and lunch menus that echo his southern California roots. In line with his original vision, Java uses freshly roasted, fair trade, and relationship coffees and serves it all in an inviting, rock n’ roll atmosphere where the music is played a bit too loud!

ACAFE – Boise, ID

I recently stumbled onto Acafe one day as I was just walking downtown Boise. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard about this cute new coffee shop & cafe, now I can say it has become a favorite. Everything this woman-run business offers is fresh, full of flavor, and delicious till the last bite. Also, two words! Cinnamon Twist! It is like crack people… if you haven’t had it, you MUST!

ā café;

We are simply that… a space that invites us to feel at home, with ourselves, with those around us, and with the food we offer a space to feel appreciated a space that is simple, delicious, and familiar a space to eat, to connect, to gather, to be just as you are ….Nothing brings people together like good food does.


The District was one of the first coffee shops I went to upon moving to Idaho. I love that they give back to a great cause, yet another reason to support them! I love the open feel of their coffee shop, all of their offerings and on some days/evenings they have live music!

Serving the Coffee …..”We serve coffee roasted by Form & Function. It is sourced sustainably with careful attention paid to the supply chain, allowing us to champion the social and environmental initiatives of the farms and communities represented. We take our craft seriously. Love the art of brewing coffee and strive to focus that passion to bring you the best cup possible. We want the coffees to take center stage and develop recipes that showcase the natural attributes of the bean.”

Share the Love ……”By joining forces with local non-profits, we want to make an impact that goes beyond coffee. People are the reason that we got into this business and it’s the people that have made all of this possible. We love to partner with our community to advance the cause of love, one cup at a time. “

HYDE PERK – Hyde Park- Boise, ID

Hyde Perk is everything its name speaks to! It’s a darling little shop tucked in Hyde Park in Boise and it gives you the perk you are looking for. This is a family-run business and I have to say they are some of the nicest, cutest women you have ever met! They are always so happy to see you, have great suggestions on what to order & I have to admit I have loved everything I have EVER tried. This coffee shop is always packed to the brim with locals wanting to sit & sip excellent coffee!

” We are Hyde Perk Coffee House, a small family ran & operated business & have a rocking team of people alongside of us as well working so hard to adjust and be patient in the times we are facing. We are currently serving all coffee to go out our small window in the side of our building & doing pick up out the door just down from the window! Supporting us right now is just grabbing a coffee to go, or a gift card, pounds of coffee for the home, or even our merchandise! We are so lucky to be still up and operating in a safe way & are so grateful for our incredible community of the north end & Boise beyond supporting us & loving us through this process”


Moss is a super cute, quaint little shop downtown Boise. I was able to pop in and grab a dirty chai to go in my yeti cup so I don’t have a great photo of their delicious coffee but don’t let that deter you. This place is worth the stop & also buying their beans!

” At this time, we have limited hours for obvious takeaway only at our downtown shop, with our Bench shop being closed. We are serving coffee & tea, with limited food at this time due to a major slowdown. We are working on an online ordering platform, but have been taking orders via walk-in or by phone, for takeaway or curbside.”

“Small local women-owned business. We pride ourselves in serving great coffee, providing a wide assortment of teas, and serving our own in-house-baked goods. We love our community, and this is breaking our hearts seeing how many are affected by impacts.”


Janjou has become the place I take all my Boise visitors! After living in Italy for almost two years I have a soft spot for croissants. There is nothing better in my mind than a slow morning sipping on coffee and pairing it with a freshly baked croissant or any pastry for that matter. You can tell the quality of ingredients with each bite. When you step into this little shop you really feel like you are in a different country with the irresistible pastries, cakes, chocolates, coffee offered.

Our Work Of Art   We use high-quality, organic, and local ingredients as much as possible. The milk and cream for the coffee bar and butter (the heart and soul of our pastries) come from Cloverleaf Creamery in Buhl, ID. 
Our coffee beans are roasted weekly by Lizzy’s fresh coffee in Ketchum, ID.
We use Valrhona chocolate in all of our pastries, desserts, and drinks.
Every dessert and pastry are meticulously handcrafted daily by Moshit and her team of bakers who have a great passion for quality and detail.” 


This darling coffee shop is perfectly situated to grab a great cup of coffee, baked goods, or breakfast before hitting the slopes at Bogus! Such a cozy space to enjoy your cup of coffee, pastry, and read for a slow morning. The drive-up window makes it easy for a quick stop! They have been serving the community for over 16 years, let’s be sure to keep them in business!

“Proudly serving the North End of Boise since 2004, Home Grown & Idaho owned. Priding ourselves on crafting a perfect cup of coffee for our people!”


I popped into this new coffee shop this weekend and wow! I love the energy, the vibe, and the people at this spot in town. They have a huge menu of food, coffee & other beverages to choose from. I absolutely loved my everything bagel breakfast sandwich, it literally had everything on it that I could ever hope for.

Highly recommend checking this new coffee shop out and plan to stay awhile.


I knew I loved Broadcast Coffee as soon as I walked in the door. The bright and light esthetic of this place just speaks to me and makes me want to sit and work in this space all day. Every detail of Broadcast Coffee is lovely and it is within walking distance to the famous pink tree in downtown Boise. Take your coffee to go and go enjoy as you watch the world go by.

“Barry Faught hails from the expansive wheat fields and deep blue skies of Idaho. His father, Bill Bailey, was a radio DJ and local celebrity in Boise. After college, Barry ended up in the family business of broadcasting. But his yearning for independence and adventure eventually led him to the evergreen city of Seattle. The big city was full of great music, delicious food, inclusive communities, eco-friendly living, and so many coffee shops. After working his way up the corporate ladder he was making good money, but feeling unfulfilled. Visiting new coffee shops went from hobby to obsession.

In 2008 Barry traded in his salary for his own independent coffee shop, Broadcast Coffee Roasters, named in honor of his dad’s lifelong passion for radio. The goal from the get-go was to spread love and acceptance through hospitality and delicious drinks. Barry’s living the dream with three cafes, a stellar roasting team, and a growing community of friends, baristas, and business owners who drink and serve Broadcast coffee.”


​Spread love and acceptance through hospitality and delicious drinks
Provide light and bright cafes to temper the Seattle rainy weather
Maintain a stable work environment for our family of staff and customers to enjoy
Engage the local community and mindfully support the global coffee farming community​
Work really hard, make time for rest and take care of each other

FLYING M – Boise, Nampa & Caldwell, ID.

With having three different locations and each of them having its own unique name ” Flying M Coffeehouse, Flying M Coffeeshop & Flying M CoffeeGarage” I think you can put two and two together that Flying M makes good coffee, a great place to meet and mingle & delicious treats to pair well with your cup of joe.

Flying M Coffeehouse is a beloved Boise destination, known for its quality coffee, quirky gifts, mismatched furniture, and friendly environment. 

In 1995, Kevin purchased a 12 kilo, purple Diedrich drum roaster and began consciously sourcing and roasting coffee beans for Flying M. All of our coffee is still roasted on the purple Diedrich, in small batches, by our team at the Nampa Flying M location. The 6,000 square foot building holds an espresso and pastry bar, gift shop, event stage, and roasting room. It has quickly become a staple of the Nampa community.  

The Boise location has been voted Best of Boise in the Boise Weekly for over a decade!

The newest Flying M shop is part of the revitalization of Historic Downtown Caldwell.


Caffeina is such a fun spot to pop into for a cup of coffee, tea, kombucha, you name it, they have it! I love the comfy inside with so many different seating areas to choose from. You can sit at the bar and watch the baristas do their work or on a comfy couch or get some work done at one of their many wood tables. They also have a fabulous patio space to catch some rays and enjoy your beverage of choice!

“We are small-batch Boise, Idaho coffee roaster and coffee shop focused on blending new roasting and brewing methods with traditional roasting and brewing methods, blending brewing styles and developing authentic profiles; sourcing all free-market coffees, small farm, certified organics, and fair trade. We prioritize educating our team in all brewing methods to ensure our coffees are presented in the finest form.”

Our passion is coffee and our obsession is life, nature, and health. We’re committed to brewing, all brewing. Blending the craft beer scene with the craft coffee world creating a Northwest-inspired craft brew bar located in Boise, Idaho. We’re committed to innovation, unfolding the control, and discovering new limits and profiles within the current coffee standards. We’re inspired by living things, nature reminds us to stay present, kombucha reminds us to take care of our gut.”


Stack Rock Coffee is a family-owned and operated premium coffee company headquartered in Boise, Idaho.
We started Stack Rock Coffee because we love excellent coffee and believe in its subtle power as a force for human connection. That feeling you get when sharing excellent coffee with great friends or family is pure magic, especially when experienced in the great outdoors that is Idaho.
We have a deep love for our capital city and are on a mission to keep it well-caffeinated and thriving.
If you’re local to Boise, delivery is free! Currently, you can order online at www.StackRockCoffee.com

Use code: FIRSTSRC for 10% off your first order. 

WILDFLOUR – Garden City, ID

Wildflour is such a little gem of a spot tucked away in Garden City. I have had many coffee dates here with friends and have been known to swing by for some fresh granola or baked cookies. This bakery and coffee shop is chocked full of delicious offerings and great tea and coffee options too. It’s a great place to start your day or swing by for an early afternoon pick me up.

“Owner Mary Cogswell started Wildflour in 1992 in Boise’s Northend. Since then, Wildflour Bakery has found a new location in Garden City offering a morning storefront with espresso & pastries.”

PUSH & POUR – Garden City, ID

Push & Pour is such a hip, happening and cool place to stop in for a coffee, pastry, and/or their incredible avocado toast. They have a nice indoor seating area with cool wood tables and sleek design or a nice patio area to enjoy the fresh air and watch the world go by. I have loved getting together with friends here or coming to spend a couple of hours getting work done. It is conveniently located right off the Green Belt so it makes it easy to pop off and grab a couple of things along your bike ride!

“We’re Push & Pour coffee shop and roaster, located in beautiful Garden City nestled along the greenbelt directly across from the Whitewater Park surf wave. We’ve been open for over 2 years offering Garden City and the Boise region a safe, inclusive community experience where artists, businesses, families can get together and enjoy delicious coffee, food, beer & wine. Our vision is to create a community environment where ideas and individuals can grow. In line with that goal, we have hosted art shows, concerts, public markets, comedy shows, and other community outreach. We are proud to roast our beans in-house, in several different blends, for the freshest flavors and tastes.”


I had the opportunity to pop into this darling little coffee shop with a friend and found it to be so inviting and sleek. I loved the interior and have to admit I have never seen a dual-drive-up, cute coffee shop like this one! They make amazing coffee and homemade whipped cream, have you caught on that I am a sucker for homemade, quality whipped cream? It’s my little added treat when I go out for coffee!

” Proudly serving a perfectly crafted cup of coffee while taking care of our people. We are a small shop with a BIG HEART!”

Showcasing Coffee Shops in Idaho to bring awareness around who they are, what they offer and how we can support each of them & shop local during this time. For more recipes, travel posts and inspiring posts be sure to follow me at www.sprouting-vitality.com and on instagram @sproutingvitality. #kenzinthekitch #mckenzieonthemove
Possibly the cutest little Coffee Shop! Dual windows to help get you your caffeine!


Rembrandts is one of those places that you walk in and want to stay a while! The interior is so crisp, white, and clean, I love it! Their coffee is served in a cup that I actually think is a small bowl, don’t get me wrong I don’t leave a drop behind. They have a full menu of breakfast & lunch and many baked goods to choose from as well. Be sure to add this to your list of places to try!

For many years, Rembrandts has been Eagle’s downtown neighborhood restaurant. Striving to create a community within this historic landmark, Rembrandts’ baristas, servers, and staff treat our customers like family, learning your favorite meals and beverages by heart. A breakfast and lunch destination, we provide the space for good conversation and outstanding food and beverages. Our charming interior dining space and our relaxing patio open during warmer weather make Rembrandts a true community place to gather.


I absolutely love Fogglifter Cafe but realized that we are always popping in for a coffee and breakfast burrito or a coffee and pastry on the go and never took any photos! Luckily I was able to borrow a couple from them to show you just how cute of a spot this place is! Super cozy coffee shop tucked into downtown McCall. They offer coffee, baked goods, breakfast, and lunch. Locally roasted beans from Troy, Idaho, and the friendliest staff you could ever meet! It is worth a stop to enjoy their patio or cozy inside or like we always do, pop in and support while on your way!

“Coffee. Breakfast. Lunch.  Free wi-fi. All coffee and espresso drinks are made with freshly roasted beans from Landgrove Coffee, Troy, Idaho. Outdoor seating in a relaxed atmosphere. “


I stumbled upon this darling coffee shop recently while in McCall and I instantly loved everything about it. It is tucked right downtown McCall and is a women-owned and operated small batch Organic coffee roastery. It is a tiny little coffee shop packed with yummy food, drinks, and locally made items to purchase. I sat and enjoyed my americano and watched the locals come in and chat and enjoy this inviting place. I highly recommend stopping by while in town. You can also grab a bag or two of their coffee beans to enjoy in the comfort of your own home too.

*Allow our coffee to inspire you to follow your true north*

North Fork Coffee Roasters is a small-batch organic coffee roasting company born in the small mountain town of McCall, ID.  Our central principle is that fresh coffee sips best, and thus we aspire to enhance your morning coffee ritual. We take pride in ethically sourcing seasonally-available beans, mainly from Central and South America and Africa. Every batch is carefully crafted to highlight its full flavor potential and sold to you fresh. To please practically every palate, we offer roast levels from light to dark, of a wide variety of high-quality beans. Allow our coffee to inspire you to Follow Your True North.  


I personally have not been to Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee but after learning she supplies the coffee for JanJou I knew I needed to feature her! I absolutely loved reading her website, her why behind roasting her coffee beans, and her business. She is shipping nationwide, so this is a great opportunity to get great coffee no matter where you live! I look forward to the day I can visit an incredible coffee shop in person!

“Growing up as the daughter of an Austrian pastry chef, I had a love of coffee from as far back as I can remember. When the opportunity to start my own business came about, I knew exactly what that would be. Coffee. Not just any coffee, but amazing coffee. Producing a top-quality product is our passion, but we never want anyone to feel intimidated to shop with us! Because of that, and because making great coffee is a team sport from the farm to the roastery to you, we make it our mission to share coffee knowledge in a fun, practical way to help you brew like a pro at home. We look forward to inviting you into Lizzy’s family to sip, learn, and enjoy!” -Lizzy


I recently found Black Owl Coffee shop on a trip to Hailey and it for sure is on my list to visit anytime I am back in town. This cute coffee shop was so cute inside and had a nice seating area outside. They had a large number of items offered on their menu & made some great coffee too!

“We are the place to go when you’re looking for a perfect way to start your morning or satisfy your thirst & hunger throughout the day. Our coffee shop offers a great selection of home-baked goods like scones, muffins, along with fresh meals. We strive to make your espresso, pour-over, brown sugar mocha, or locally brewed cup perfect and just the way you like it, every time you’re here with us. Run by the people who care about families and the community, we can’t wait to welcome you in our little paradise!”


I found this little coffee shop during one of my many road trips to Boise from Salt Lake City before I made the move to Boise. I was in need of a little pick me up during the long drive and lucked out finding this cute coffee shop in Burley. They make great coffee, have great decor, nice employees & delicious homemade Whip Cream!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and learning about all of these local coffee shops that you can support during this time. They all are just so amazing & I want them to stay in business and that is up to all of us!

Showcasing Coffee Shops in Idaho to bring awareness around who they are, what they offer and how we can support each of them & shop local during this time. For more recipes, travel posts and inspiring posts be sure to follow me at www.sprouting-vitality.com and on instagram @sproutingvitality. #kenzinthekitch #mckenzieonthemove