Want to know where to go on a date night right now in Boise? You have come to the right place! We are in the month of love and finding ourselves right around the corner from Valentine’s Day. There is nothing I love more than getting dressed up and heading out on the town for date night. Here is my personal list of the romantic restaurants In Boise that we have been loving for a date night out. I hope this list helps you navigate your next date night, girl’s night, or solo night out on the town.

I wanted to include a list of places that could be perfect for any occasion of date night. Personally, I don’t always feel like going all out for a night out on the town. So, I included places to go for happy hour, more casual dining, dress-up dinner, and full-on fancy multi-course dinner. I can’t wait to hear how you like these places and my hope is they become your favorites too.

Favorite Restaurants In Boise

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Cocktails & Appetizers Date Night

Water Bear Bar

I love the spots in town that WOW you with their decor and overall vibe of the place. Water Bear Bar does just that! The ceilings are draped with gorgeous plants, the walls have interesting decor, and everything is dark and dreamy with their candle-lit space. Honestly some of the best cocktails made in Boise, in my opinion. I love this spot in town for a quick drink before dinner or drinks and light food options for the evening. They rotate their cocktails and food menu often making it fun to pop in every so often to see what they are serving. You can’t go wrong with anything you order at Water Bear.

Thick As Thieves

Hands down one of my favorite speakeasy’s in Boise. Thick as Thieves offers a true speakeasy experience from the moment you walk into the door. I personally think this is one of the most romantic spots to go for a drink. The candle lit space just creates an ambiance like none other. I love the design and the overall vibe of the space. They have a fabulous menu of cocktails and NA cocktails to choose from. They have a small bites menu as well and I loved their charcuterie board. Be sure to check out this speakeasy the next time you are downtown and looking for a phenomenal spot to pop into.

Casual Date Night Restaurants

The Wylder

If you love pizza and love sourdough, THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU! We absolutely love The Wylder and their sourdough is out of this world. They have so many different pizzas to choose from, appetizers, salads, desserts, and drinks. I love that they let you do 1/2 and 1/2 on the pizza in case you can’t pick just one. They have a great indoor atmosphere but I highly recommend their patio in the nicer weather. There is something about sitting outside under the stars in downtown Boise that just makes it special. They offer their full menu to go, in case you just want good food in the comfort of your own home for a date night in.

Little Pearl Oyster Bar

Tucked downtown Boise, this little place packs a lot of personality into one small space. I tend to love the restaurants that you walk in and it kinda feels like you are somewhere else. Little Pearl makes me feel like I am in a small pub in France or Boston. I don’t know what it is but I love the whole look, feel and vibe of the place. You might not think of fresh seafood when you think of land-locked Boise, but Little Pearl does an incredible job. I personally love the lobster roll, it is served with a toasted locally made bun and more lobster than you could ever dream of. You can easily go in for a drink and appetizer or stay for a full meal.


“Designed with a deep understanding that great food experiences are more than just great ingredients. Casual, upscale European dining with a focus on organic, local ingredients and seasonality. 

“If you’re familiar with Italian food culture, you’ve likely heard of the famous Italian ritual of aperitivo, or aperitif, a pre-dinner drink which in Italy which is always accompanied by snacks. Apericena, Chef Danielle’s European restaurant concept, refers to a relaxing evening meal involving aperitives and tapas-style plates intended to share.”

I absolutely love every detail about Apericena. I am so proud of my friend, Danielle for creating such an incredible place in Boise. Every detail is executed and you can taste the passion Danielle has for her food in every bite. I have had the opportunity to dine at Apericena numerous times now for brunch, lunch, and dinner. I have left full and satisfied after every meal and there is no doubt in my mind that you will too. This quaint little spot in Hyde Park is not to be missed.

Dress Up Dinner Date Restaurants

Petite 4

**Update! Petite 4 is still in business and offering monthly pop-up events and dinners. They also have a Saturday morning baked goods and coffee offering as well as private catering options. They still are one of my favorite places in Boise and I jump at the opportunity to dine with them whenever I can.

Petite 4 is a long-time favorite. We have become great friends with DK and Sarah and make it a point to support them. It isn’t so hard to do so with the quality of food and drinks that they serve. Their small restaurant on the bench packs in so much personality, flavor, and ambiance, it’s a place you want to be. They rotate their menu frequently and are always hosting fun events, happy hour offerings & their Saturday morning window is not to be missed.


Alavita was the first place Tobi and I went on a date after I moved to Idaho. I will never forget that night out in a new town and wondering if it was the right move. Now, being here in Boise for almost 5 years, I can say it definitely was. It must have been the fresh pasta, the great wine, and the dreamy ambiance in Alavita that just set the tone for my new home. I love going to Alavita and having spent some time in Italy, homemade pasta is one of my favorite things to order.

Coa De Jima

This place is EPIC. They have a huge tree filling their front room behind the bar, secret hidden doors that look like paintings. The whole place is dark yet invites you in and makes you want to stay awhile. We have loved our meals, drinks, and entire evenings when we dine at Coa De Jima. There is nothing quite like it in Boise and it is a must-visit in my book.

Alyonka Russian Cuisine

“Alyonka Russia Cuisine is a small but mighty restaurant, serving up comforting classics like beef stroganoff, Russian crepes, and Pelmeni dumplings. Everything in our kitchen is made from scratch – with the highest quality ingredients. Elena is also known for her incredible desserts, from the Honey Cake to the Pavlova. When asked where the inspiration for her dishes came from, Elena says, “Where I grew up, my neighborhood was diverse and multicultural. We had Germans, Armenians, Koreans, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Russians, etc. all living next to each other. So the entire menu reflects the diverse heritage of my childhood. Each menu item has a special story with fond memories of my friends and family.”

When you visit Alyonka, you’ll feel right at home among our warm hospitality. Elena and staff love each customer and treat them like family. Elena is often heard saying, “I absolutely love to feed people. It brings me such joy to watch people get happiness from eating my food. When someone tries something new… something they’ve never tried before and loves it? That’s an amazing feeling.”

I absolutely love dining at Alyonka’s and know that you will too! Every single thing they serve is well prepared and full of flavor. This little spot in town should not be missed. They have a full menu to choose from and even offer everything to go if you’d rather have a date night at home. This is a great option to have phenomenal food but not have to cook.

Fancy Date Night Restaurants

The Lively

Wow! Where do I even begin with The Lively? This place is like nothing else you will find in Boise. The decor, the restaurant’s layout, the two different bars, the food, I could go on and on. This place welcomes you in and has you enjoying every bite and sip that is served to you. They offer week-day lunch, high tea, and dinner, making it a place you can go at any time. I highly recommend checking The Lively out for every meal and seeing what is your personal favorite. No doubt in my mind you will love it.


Kin is a unique place to be able to taste and try different food and drink offerings. I loved being able to try so many things on their tapas-type menu during the summer. They now offer pop-up offerings that include either dine-in or pick-up noodle bowls. They also offer extravagant multi-course menus over the weekends to really treat yourself. I love having opportunities to really dress up and go all out every once in a while. These multi-course dinners are an experience in itself and make for memorable moments and meals.

That’s a wrap my friends! Now you have some great new restaurants to enjoy in Boise for date night!

I hope that you found this blog post to be helpful and please reach out and let me know what you think of a place if you decide to dine there. I really love getting feedback from each one of you and I love to hear about your food experience too!

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