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Love your body. Manage stress. Live a healthy lifestyle. Fill your body with nutrient rich food and effortlessly lose weight. 

I was needing a refresher, a mental boost on what to prepare for meals, not only for myself but also my family. McKenzie helped me find new foods to incorporate into my diet and quick easy ways to pull together a healthy meal that didn’t take too much time or money.

-Sarah, Boise

I had lost my inspiration to workout. Stuck in a rut on what to do & to find fun ways to mix up what I did each day. McKenzie helped me realize the benefits of including activity in my day & reminded me of all the positive ways that it was improving my life. It totally shifted my perspective on working out! I no longer dread it! I knew that with each minute of activity whether that be hiking in the mtns, walking around the city, attending a yoga class or simply taking the stairs at work essentially was adding to my overall wellbeing. I now find myself looking for ways to add movement not trying to avoid it.

– Melissa, SLC

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